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Forecasts of analysts: the Market will search for an occasion to correction

At the auctions on Thursday, on September, 17th, the Russian indexes have updated again annual maximum marks, however then were rolled away downwards that speaks about accruing nervousness among participants of the auctions. perekuplennost papers has not decreased, and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index could not be fixed above level of resistance of Fibonachchi around 50 % from a global crisis wave of decrease. It can force to change intermediate term investors opinion on immediate prospects of domestic papers and to observe a spirit bulls from outside. Possibly, the factor of Friday will serve its purpose also. At analysts of the uniform point of view has not developed.

as the expert of department in work with the Russian investors IFK " has noted; Metropol Simeon Gavrilov, in the near future the Russian share market remains volatilnym. If the market manages to be kept above a mark of 1200 points on RTS index, growth continuation is possible. Sales which were observed in the market during trading session on Thursday, is a closing of recently open speculative positions. Downwards after growth of last weeks it has not turned out strong correction just because strategic investors now yet do not sell a paper. we should see stronger decrease and leaving of the market below 1200 points on RTS that these sales have begun also correction became essential. While the situation looks enough optimistical and if the market now manages to be consolidated till the end of September there are chances of the further growth - the expert has added.

index S &P as a result of rally has appeared in a zone relative perekuplennosti so, technically within the next few days it is possible to expect correction downwards, analyst IK " believes; Tserih Kepital Management Oleg Dushin. However on Friday in the USA passes ekspiratsija options and futures, and growth, probably, is guided and by this factor, therefore bravado near to the maximum marks can last any time, the expert has warned. On this background, and also with the account perekuplennosti and O.Dushin`s Russian market expects positive opening of the auctions on Friday.

. correctional movement in the Russian market in the nearest put - two would be quite natural, however we do not consider that the market has settled possibilities for growth - expert Promsvjazbanka Andrey Pavlenko has informed.

the Main analyst IK ITinvest Alexander Potavin is adjusted is pessimistic concerning immediate prospects of the Russian market. our share market obviously peregret, with it argues nobody. To buy on intermediate term prospect at current levels anybody any more does not want - the expert has noted. All wait for correction, and it while is not present from - for optimism in the western markets. A maximum that allowed now by managing directors it is simple to hold papers in portfolios in hope of speculative lifting of the market.

It seems that optimism of two last days has come to an end, and the small respite is required to the market, operating director UK " believes; the Everest Esset Management Konstantin Demchenko. It not an occasion to the scale correction, however any significant data of macroeconomic statistics in the USA will not leave on September, 18th, therefore last day will prevail weeks and will not involve attention of mass audience in the share market. Expected falling will not exceed several percent and, according to the expert, will proceed in bank sector.

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