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Precious metals: gold does not wish to recede

Gold in the price, it sets up a historical record behind a record. Official spotovye the prices for precious metals following the results of session in New York have changed on September, 16th raznonapravleno and have made: gold - 1276,5 dollars/ ounce (+0,58 %), silver - 20,82 dollars/ ounce (+0,97 %), platinum - 1617 dollars/ ounce (+0,06 %), a palladium - 554 dollars/ ounce (- 0,9 %). And let growth not aggressive, but it all - taki is.

gold continues to be in demand, and in a placenta time acts as an active rescuing all from only. So, the markets convulsively expect session FRS the USA on September, 21st on which as believe, the decision on a new wave of stimulating programs will be accepted. It can lead to growth of inflationary pressure upon dollar. Therefore on the threshold of this date players also buy gold. Quite probably that it is got also by jewellers of India. All it can stimulate demand for metal still at least week, and achievement of a mark 1300 dollars/ ounce is quite possible.

on Friday, on September, 17th, growth of cost of metals proceeds. At 08:30 Moscow time futures for gold were on a mark 1277,54 dollars/ ounce (+0,29 %), silver - 20,88 dollars/ ounce (+0,52 %), platinum - 1616,45 dollars/ ounce (+0,28 %), a palladium - 552,65 dollars/ ounce (+0,6 %).

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