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Leaders of the market: investors are afraid of the bad data “ a gold Pole “

On Friday, on September, 17th, the auctions in the Russian market passed in positive mood. Session has opened gepom upwards approximately for percent after which investors have not ventured and further to move the market upwards, have decided to think, probably, against expectations of macrostatistics of the USA. One of representatives of growth on Friday of a steel of the action “ the Russian Open Society of the Power supply system of the East “ and here movement against the general tendency of the market showed actions “ a gold Pole “.

By 12:30 Open Society action “ East Russian Open Society ES “ have risen in price for 4,03 %. Such dynamics is connected with general system of document circulation entered by holding and association of societies on a uniform portal. Creation of global information field was discussed on the second Far East IT - a forum “ New technologists and development prospects “ Open Society “ East Russian Open Society ES “ Which has passed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij. Automation of the power marketing process directed on introduction of new system of the account of power supply became a separate theme of discussion. Realisation of the pilot project will pass on the basis of Open Society “ Kamchatskenergo “. Project realisation will help to reduce costs considerably. And it has obviously pleased investors.

after long correction of summer 2010γ. Papers “ the East Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ “ have started to be developed slowly but surely. 0,4 rbl. testified to it (2) and overcoming upwards lines of a descending trend (3) a rebound from support level on a mark. The mark 0,62 rbl. (4) growth to which will be fast enough becomes the nearest purpose of papers of the company. However on it buyers will not calm down - the mark 0,96 rbl. (5) lifting to which will occur to a support on a line of an ascending trend (1) becomes a long-term objective.

As to “ a gold Pole “ Which by 12:30 Moscow time has lost 1,55 % of the price it speaks reporting expectation under the international standards of the financial reporting (MSFO) for the first half of the year 2010γ., which leaves later on Friday. A consensus - the forecast of the analysts interrogated, on net profit on MSFO for the first half of the year 2010γ. Makes 113,1 million dollars, on a gain - 609 million dollars, on EBITDA - 231 million dollars

Shares of company “ the Pole gold “ grow with a support on a line of an ascending trend (1). At the moment it is possible to say that papers have made a start upwards from a line (1) and begin ascending movement on which way the resistance line on a mark 1440 rbl. (2) lies. It leads to an aggravation of struggle of the parties. However most likely growth of actions will proceed, and after overcoming of a line of resistance (2) purpose the mark 1625 rbl. (3) will act.

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