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PIFS have managed to grow from - for high volatilnosti

last week (11 - on May, 14th) world stock markets were under the influence of the events occurring in Europe. Among the basic news which have put pressure upon indexes, there were messages on quarter losses of company Fannie Mae, on the investigation beginning in the USA shadow transactions of some the largest banks, and also expectation of toughening of credit conditions in China. Positive news of week became reception of the first tranche of the financial help by Greece at a rate of 5,5 mlrd euro and the plan of the government of Spain on sharp reduction of a budgeted deficit within the next two years. Despite high volatilnost growth of stock market of Russia has allowed management companies to show positive results in the market of collective investments.

In leaders following the results of a week there were papers of metallurgical, power and telecommunication sectors (branch indexes of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange have added 8,12 %, 7,80 % and 6,43 %) that has found the reflexion in dynamics of branch funds, the analyst of a securities market of Joint-Stock Company " marks; Kapital Management of actives Polina Gusev. So, if as a whole profitableness of funds for a week has made 1,8 % for funds of actions of power sector this indicator has exceeded 3,4 %, and for funds of actions of metallurgical and telecommunication sectors - 2,7 %.

In outsiders there were funds of actions of fuel power and a consumer sector, 1,14 % which have lost on the average and 0,88 % accordingly. Funds of actions for expired week have added on the average 2,28 %, funds of the mixed investments - 1,55 %, funds of bonds - 0,25 %. Thus the share of the funds which have shown positive profitableness, has exceeded 90 % on all above-named categories, has underlined P.Gusev.

By calculations of an analyst it is information - analytical department UK transfingrup Veronicas Ravinoj, past week for the first time for last 14 weeks outflow of the capital from the funds, specialising on investment in the action of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries has been fixed, it has made 203 million dollars the Situation in the Russian market of tools with the fixed profitableness, despite raised volatilnost within a week, as a result has not changed. Cost of shares of bonded PIFS for a week has grown on the average on 0,25 %. The situation with liquidity in the Russian monetary market remained stable, on what specifies growth srednednevnogo values of the rests on corresponding accounts and deposits in the Central Bank (+13,5 %) in comparison with given week before. One-day rate MIACR fluctuated from 2,42 % to 2,78 %.

the Basic news defining dynamics of indexes in world stock markets in the near future, will be on - former events round problems of the European countries. From the basic macroeconomic parametres it is necessary to allocate the data about inflation, a condition of the markets of real estate and work in the USA, believes V.Ravina.

Department of the analytical information