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Precious metals: Silver can go down in area 20 dollars/ ounce

Official spotovye the prices for precious metals following the results of session on May, 17th New York have changed raznonapravlenno and have made: gold - 14880 dollars/ ounce (- 0,19 %), silver - 34,1 dollars/ ounce (+0,92 %), platinum - 1771 dollars/ ounce (+0,8 %), a palladium - 727 dollars/ ounce (+1,69 %).

After silver quotations have reached the peak around 50 dollars/ ounce, falling has begun. So already was in 1981. - technical analyst ING Wholesale Banking of Rolof Van Den Akker remembers. In its opinion, probitie the level 34,50 which were the bottom border of the channel, means that sale while will proceed. However at level 31,50 where passes 200 - day sliding average, there is a powerful horizontal support. in other words, already now there is a formation process a bottom . If support is punched, silver quotations will fall to the level which was habitual still half a year back - to 20 dollars, but the probability of such succession of events is smallest - the expert considers.

on Wednesday players continue to buy precious metals At 08:30 Moscow time futures for gold there were on a mark 1492,41 dollars/ ounce (+0,83 %), silver - 34,39 dollars/ ounce (+2,7 %), platinum - 1774,3 dollars/ ounce (+0,75 %), a palladium - 721,95 dollars/ ounce (+1,07 %).

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