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The western markets: trading week was closed in a negative zone

On trading week from May, 9 till May, 13th leading indexes of Europe and the USA have mainly decreased: German DAX (- 1,2 %), French CAC 40 (- 0,97 %), FTSE - 100 (- 0,86 %), American DJIA (- 0,34 %), S & P500 (- 0,18 %), NASDAQ Ñomposite (+0,03 %).

Stock exchanges of the USA

Following the results of the past week the American indexes have changed raznonapravlenno. Following the results of the auctions on May, 13th, in comparison with value for May, 6th, index Dow Jones has decreased on 0,34 % - to 12595,75 points, index NASDAQ Composite has grown on 0,03 % - 2828,47 points, and index S & P has decreased for 0,18 % - to 1340,20 points.

the share auctions in the USA have come to the end on May, 9th and 10 with slight increase of leading indexes that was promoted by a rise in prices for oil and the industrial metals, urged on quotations of the oil and gas and mining companies. As the growth engine the transaction between Microsoft and Skype also has acted.

From corporate news the course of the auctions was positively affected by the financial report of American media corporation Walt Disney. Its net profit following the results of the first half of the year 2010 - has grown 2011 on 25 % that promoted lifting of quotations of the company, despite small decrease in indicators in II quarter of fiscal year.

support was rendered also by macroeconomic news. Indicators of the prices for the import and export goods in the USA, according to the American Ministry of Labour (US Department of Labor), have grown on 2,2 % and 1,1 % accordingly that has exceeded expectations of analysts. In annual calculation growth of indicators has made 11,1 % and 9,6 % that, according to experts, testifies to restoration of the American economy.

the Share auctions in the USA have come to the end on May, 11th with decrease in leading indexes against reduction in price of the raw goods, strengthening of dollar and growth of anxieties round world economy delay in connection with increase in April of consumer prices in the Peoples Republic of China.

at the auctions increase of leading indexes after a rise in prices for raw materials on May, 12th was observed. In spite of the fact that session has begun in “ to a red zone “ to its closing the basic American indicators have restored the positions.

the macroeconomic data has not rendered considerable influence on actions of separate sectors of the USA, however has created for session a favorable background. In particular, quantity of primary references on unemployment benefit payment for a week which has come to the end on April, 7th 2011ã., in comparison with a similar indicator of previous week has decreased to 434 thousand Besides, the country Ministry of Trade (US Department of Commerce) has informed that volume of retails following the results of April 2011ã. Has grown on 0,5 % in comparison with the last month that has coincided with forecasts of experts.

meanwhile, by a weekend in the market again prevailed “ bear “ a spirit. The share auctions have come to the end on May, 13th with decrease in leading indexes under the pressure of the prices for the raw materials, fallen after a dollar rate increase.

according to managing director Sanders Morris Harris George Ball, mood in the market change, and now anything you like can push investors to sale. They already think not of profit, and how to be protected from the termination of the second wave of quantitative softening FRS. “ Besides, ability of the American politicians aspires to afflict to infinity: instead of solving collected financial problems, they create new, wallowed in interparty struggle “ - the expert has underlined.

President Empire Executions Peter Kosta expects that current week it will be possible to see one more recession of quotations and it is necessary for them to use. In the short-term period the market looks poorly, but long-term prospects very good, the expert specifies.


the European indexes following the results of a week were closed by decrease. On May, 13th, in comparison with value for May, 6th, the British index FTSE 100 has decreased on 0,86 % and has made 5925,87 points, German DAX was reduced to 1,2 % - to 7403,31 points, French CAC 40 was closed on a mark 4018,85 points, having decreased on 0,97 %.

the European indexes past week have decreased against strengthening of anxieties concerning increase in inflationary pressure and possible deepening of debt crisis in the problem European Union countries, mark in Promsvjazbanke.

Pressure upon quotations in the beginning of the past week has rendered the decision of rating agency S & P to lower a long-term sovereign rating of Greece at once on two steps. To no small degree decrease in indexes was affected by growth of confidence at investors that Greece all - taki will go on re-structuring of the debt. Most strongly this news has affected bank sector. Actions of the European banks decreased during the auctions because of growth of fears about possible losses of private holders of bonds in case of re-structuring.

growth of quotations on Tuesday, on May, 10th, was promoted by the trading statistics from China. Proficiency of trading balance of China in April 2011ã. Has reached 11,4 mlrd dollars - the highest for last four months of level, and export indicators have grown to record value against demand strengthening in the world market. Besides, beneficial effect on the market was rendered by a present rise in prices for the copper, sharply decreased on the last week.

at the auctions on Wednesday, on May, 11th, dynamics was observed raznonapravlennaja. And already by Thursday, on May, 12th, sales have renewed. Indexes have decreased from - for sales on raw platforms. In sales of actions of some the companies have resulted also corporate news.

the share auctions in Europe were closed on May, 13th by primary decrease in leading indexes against accruing fears of strengthening of debt crisis in an eurozone. Growth of concern of investors was caused by sharp enough statements of the head of the European Central Bank Jean - Claude Trishe. He has urged Greece to refrain from re-structuring of the debts and to execute obligations according to earlier established schedule. Not a small role in negative dynamics about inflation the data has played the USA.

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