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The market of rouble bonds: the prices have grown after actions

On Wednesday, on May, 18th, the prices of rouble bonds were slightly corrected upwards against a rebound in stock market. Thus the negative external background and future tax payments have not allowed quotations to grow considerably, experts " mark; Veles the Capital .

As a result, according to FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, index CBI CP has grown on 0,03 items of the item and has made 95,37 points. The index of municipal bonds MBI CP has not changed and has made 99,22 points. Index RGBI on the end of trading session has risen on 0,6 items of the item - to 131,44 points.

liquidity of bank system is at comfortable enough level that creates stability in market MBK where rates throughout last two weeks are kept in a range, 3,45 - 3,6 %, analysts " mark; Nomos - bank .

On the beginning of operational day on May, 18th the rests of means of the credit organisations on correspondent accounts in Bank of Russia (including the rests of means on ORTSB) as a whole across the Russian Federation have made 714,4 mlrd rbl., including on the Moscow region - 543,5 mlrd rbl. Thus the rests of money resources of the credit organisations on depositary accounts made 405,5 mlrd rbl. Positive balance of operations of Bank of Russia on maintenance of rouble liquidity has made 325,6 mlrd rbl.

In the primary market the Ministry of Finance has placed federal loan bond release - PD series 25076. The demand volume has face value made 7226,907 million rbl., at market cost - 7502,961 million rbl. the placing Volume has made 6883,311 million rbl., gain volume - 7146,698 million rbl. the cutting off Price has made 101,4897 % from face value, the average price - 101,5115 % from face value. Profitableness at the price of cutting off the average profitableness - 6,6 % annual has made 6,6 % annual. In total to placing at auction bonds for the sum 20 mlrd rbl. face value have been offered. The interval of profitableness of federal loan bond has been declared in a range from 6,5 to 6,6 %. Date of repayment of a loan - on March, 13th 2014. The Face-value of one bond - 1000 rbl. the Coupon rate makes 7,1 % annual.

There was an information that Russia plans dorazmestit rouble eurobonds with repayment in 2018. The placing volume is not defined yet, the reference point on profitableness is at level of 7,125 % annual. Prajsing it is planned for May, 19th 2011.

the Bank of Russia will spend on May, 19th on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange auction on placing 19 - go release beskuponnyh short-term bonds of Bank of Russia (OBR) on 10 mlrd rbl. To participation in auction are supposed only dealers - the credit organisations. The maximum volume of the money resources directed on purchase OBR at auction, is not established. The volume of not competitive demands can make no more than 50 % from total amount of the demands submitted the dealer.

we Will remind, board of directors of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on April, 29th 2011. Has made the decision on issue in May 2011. 19 - go release beskuponnyh short-term bonds of Bank of Russia on 750 mlrd rbl. with repayment on August, 12th 2011. Identification number of release - 4 - 19 - 21BR1 - 1. The release form - documentary beskuponnye short-term bearer bonds with the obligatory centralised storage of their certificate. A face-value of one bond - 1 thousand rbl.
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