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The Russian market: players buy only on 1600 points on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange

Russian to bulls on Wednesday, on May, 18th, was uneasy to keep profit. The basic gain of domestic indexes has occurred for the account gepa upwards at opening that has been caused by a positive external background: America the day before almost has completely won back morning decrease, on Wednesday futures for indexes S &P and Dow Jones grew thanks to strong financial report Dell, in Asia the positive too prevailed. Besides, with reached the day before 108 to 111,5 dollars/ barr. The prices for oil of mark Brent were raised. This positive catapulted an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange above resistance of 1620 points, however the scenario of preceding session has repeated - in second half of day this level has been handed over, and for an hour before the termination of the auctions the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index at last has closed morning gep.

Such dynamics of the market lets know that players are not ready to buy up actively a paper far from minima 2011. - They have more to liking careful purchases hardly above 1600 points on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, and that with small horizon. Just in last hour the auctions from 1608 points on a rouble index on the market the speculative capital that has allowed to finish day in appreciable " has started to be tightened; plus . Not the report of the Department of Energy of the USA became last factor here (US Department of Energy) according to which the tendency to growth of commercial stocks of crude oil has interrupted, so, pressure upon oil quotations will be weakened.

following the results of trading session on May, 18th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has raised on 1,14 % - to 1627,03 points, RTS has grown on 1,13 % and has reached a point 1849,6 points. The volume of the auctions by actions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has made 42,39 mlrd rbl. Total amount of the auctions in all markets of RTS has reached 245,6 mlrd rbl., from them actions in RTS Standard - 13,2 mlrd rbl.

the Russian banks last days looked steadily enough, and many players have counted that papers of this sector faster others can make profit during short-term growth. And happens: VTB following the results of day the Savings Bank - on 1,03 % has raised on 0,77 %. Head of the last Herman Gref has sounded the planned size of net profit of the credit organisation on 2011. - 250 mlrd rbl., very worthy indicator. More actively investors have begun to buy up the second echelon, levels for this purpose quite approaching: quotations of Bank of Moscow, for example, are trampled down around an annual minimum 925 rbl./ the action. The begun purchases have led to growth of capitalisation of capital bank on 0,95 %, and Rosbank and bank the Renaissance have added in the price of 1,27 % and 2,18 % accordingly.

in oil and gas branch vigorously grew up Gazprom which stock value in the afternoon before bears Have drowned to almost three-monthly minimum on the offer of the Ministry of Finance with 2012. To raise rate NDPI for Gazprom more than twice. However the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko has noticed that NDPI for gas branch it is possible and not to raise, if the concern guarantees necessary volume of additional incomes of the budget of the Russian Federation at the expense of growth of cost of export deliveries of gas. A variant safe for Gazprom (+1,81 %) and especially for NOVATEKa, as it was reflected in its dynamics of quotations - day has come to the end with growth of capitalisation of the independent manufacturer of gas on 2,93 %. The oil companies have not repeated success of gas colleagues: LUKOIL was limited to a gain on 0,17 %, and Rosneft and Gazprom oil have lost in the price on 0,34 % and 0,02 % accordingly.

rates advancing the market emitters of metallurgical branch rose in price. Actions Severstal Have added 2,52 % thanks to the strong financial report for 2010. Besides it became known that gold mining a daughter Severstal - Nord Gold can return to plans of primary placing of actions in 2012. We will remind, the first conversations on a conclusion to the market of gold mining actives Severstal against record-breaking high prices for gold were the powerful driver of growth of its capitalisation. By the way, gold cost while remains more low psychologically important mark 1500 dollars/ ounce, and the Pole gold (- 0,16 %) do not please bulls results. But money of buyers has flowed in silver - the price of this metal has flied up on May, 18th on 5 %, and capitalisation of one of the world`s largest manufacturers of silver, Polymetal - on 4,15 %. Dews and Norilsk nickel (+1,11 %): quotations of its actions were possible manage upwards from a mark 7000 rbl./ the action. The powerful potential of increase at actions is not present, but on a universal positive in short term to play upwards from a round mark was quite sensible idea.

the tendency of last days in the market has settled: at the levels close to 1600 points on an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, players buy, at approach to 1620 sell, and around 1630 - 1635 points bears operate already very actively. The Russian market is in steady bokovike quite probably, what exactly now protorgovyvaetsja a bottom 2011.

Analysts make following recommendations about actions of the leading Russian companies:

Bank VTB: to accumulate
Gazprom: to accumulate
LUKOIL: to accumulate
MTS: to accumulate
Norilsk nickel: to hold
NK Rosneft: to accumulate
the Savings Bank of Russia: to buy
Surgutneftegaz: To hold

Recommendations are made on the basis of annual a consensus - forecasts targetov the investment companies presented in a product Forecasts of the prices of actions
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