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Gold climbs up upwards

Precious metals on Friday, on May, 18th, rise in price. As it was informed on Quote. ru, cost of precious metals following the results of the auctions in New York has raised on May, 17th. Official spotovye the prices have made: on gold - 1575,3 dollars/ ounce (+2,21 %), on silver - 28,15 dollars/ ounce (+2,86 %), on platinum - 1459 dollars/ ounce (+1,33 %), a palladium - 607 dollars/ ounce (+1,52 %).

At 08:00 Moscow time on Friday futures for gold were on a mark 1574 dollars/ ounce (- 0,06 %), on silver - 28,01 dollars/ ounce (- 0,02 %), on platinum - 1453 dollars/ ounce (- 0,03 %), on a palladium - 601,1 dollars/ ounce (- 0,78 %).

As of 17:45 Moscow time gold has risen in price for 0,99 % (+15,58 dollars/ ounce), silver - on 1,57 % (+0,44 dollars/ ounce), platinum - on 0,41 % (+6,00 dollars/ ounce), a palladium - on 0,51 % (+3,10 dollars/ ounce).

the Spread between gold and platinum has grown to 130 dollars

In the cash market of precious metals in London the price spot gold with reference to its morning fixing (AM Fixing) on Friday has grown on 2,7 % and for the first time for a week the ounce was established above 1580 dollars/. Price AM Fixing on gold in London has officially made 1588,00 dollars/ ounce. It is its highest indicator after May, 10th 2012.

the Trojsky ounce of gold in London has risen in price for 41,00 dollars, being corrected at the current prices of the urgent market. At stock exchange COMEX the price of the future for gold for the contract of the nearest postavochnogo made month 1588,0 dollars/ ounce at a range of quotations from the beginning of day 1567,8 - 1589,5 dollars/ ounce.

in the meantime price AM Fixing for platinum in London has officially made 1458,00 dollars/ ounce, and the price difference between gold and platinum has increased to 130,00 dollars against 101,00 dollars in the trading afternoon before.

Yet it is not necessary to expect active purchases of the raw goods

Uncertainty concerning the further succession of events in Europe presses on the raw markets, investors leave in state bonds and dollars. For traditionally weak dynamics of brave actives are this time imposed risk of an exit of Greece from an eurozone and delay of growth of economy of China. I think, still at least investors will not want anything to hear couple of months about any raw goods - the main raw analyst UBS Investment Bank Peter Hikson has declared Bloomberg.

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