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Main blow on rouble oil

has put the Currency auctions on Friday, on May, 18th, have come to the end with growth of dollar and euro in relation to rouble. The US dollar exchange rate by 19:00 Moscow time has stopped on a mark 31,25 rbl. that for 19 copeck above closing on May, 17th. We will notice that during the day volatilnost steams dollar/ rouble read off scale - the course that nervously soared up to a mark 31,5 rbl. fell to 31,17 rbl., the corridor of fluctuations made 33 copeck  

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the Euro exchange rate behaved more easy - the euro pair/ rouble changed in 20 - a cheap range. The uniform currency has finished the auctions on a mark 39,7475 rbl. that for 29 copeck above closing on May, 17th.  

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According to Quote. ru, on May, 18th bivaljutnaja the basket has broken through rouble defence on a mark 35 rbl. and by 19:00 Moscow time has stopped only at level 35,0793 rbl. that for 23 copeck above an indicator of closing of previous day.

As analysts of YOKES " mark; the North - the Capital the rouble continues to remain under the pressure of an external negative. that the rouble on - former is in outsiders even concerning euro decreasing in market Forex is indicative. The brave rouble active is now not in a favour at investors - it at all does not have forces to become stronger concerning the European currency. On Friday we have seen sharp jump of a dollar exchange rate and euro already from opening of the auctions that looks quite logically taking into account the collected strong negative. The capital markets have the day before shown considerable decrease (and on Friday to speak about positive dynamics it was not necessary). The Main blow on rouble was put by oil which has shown on Thursday next to a procorf already after the termination of the currency auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange that to the full has been won back on Friday morning. While preconditions for mood improvement in rouble it is not observed. We see dense enough information negative on an eurozone, and decisions of problems and is not observed. Investors now hope that begun summit G8 will give answers to some question and at the market will appear though any definiteness, but to assign high hopes to results of the summit all - taki it is not necessary - structural and qualitative decisions which for some days will not appear " are necessary to the market; - analysts have concluded.

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