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Premarket: the External background moderately negative

the External background to start the auctions in the Russian market on Wednesday, on June, 18th, is moderately negative. The share markets in the USA were the day before closed by decrease, the prices for oil have decreased also. At stock exchanges in Asia uniform dynamics was absent. However futures for the American indexes show growth.

the Russian market

Following the results of the auctions on June, 17th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 1,34 % - to 1856,59 points, a classical index of RTS - on 1,39 % - to 2399,15 points. Volumes of the auctions have made: on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 41,89 mlrd rbl., in the classical market of RTS - 32,68 million dollars

the External background

the Share markets in Europe were closed on June, 17th by increase of the basic indexes against corporate news. Following the results of the auctions the British index FTSE 100 has risen on 67,30 points (+1,16 %) - to 5861,90 points, German DAX - on 66,28 points (+0,98 %) - to 6796,16 points, Swiss SMI - on 13,15 points (+0,18 %) - to 7251,42 points, French CAC 40 - on 28,59 points (+0,61 %) - to 4686,33 points, Amsterdam AEX - on 1,13 points (+0,25 %) - to 459,83 points. The all-European index FTSE Eurofirst has grown following the results of the auctions on 0,47 % and has made 1268,90 points.

the share auctions in the USA have come to the end on June, 17th with fall of the basic indexes. Following the results of the auctions index Dow Jones has gone down on 108,78 points (- 0,89 %) - to 12258,42 points, index NASADAQ - on 17,05 points (- 0,69 %) - to 2457,73 points, and index S & P - on 9,21 points (- 0,68 %) - to 1350,93 points.


Futures for the American index S & P on June, 18th at 9:30 Moscow time bargain with increase on 0,12 %.


the Prices of the world market of oil following the results of session at leading commodity exchanges have gone down on June, 17th. The official prices of oil futures of the next month of delivery have made: on ICE on oil of mark Brent - 133,72 (- 0,99) dollars/ barr.; on NYMEX on oil of mark Light Sweet - 134,01 (- 0,60) dollars/ barr. Oil quotations at the Asian auctions on Wednesday continued to fall, as more and more investors believe that the promise of Saudi Arabia raise extraction level can to bridle a rise in prices.


On Wednesday futures for gold at 9:30 Moscow time bargained about a mark 885 dollars/ ounce.

the official prices for nickel of immediate delivery to closing on LME have made on June, 17th 23500 dollars/ ton.


the Rests on corresponding accounts of commercial banks on the beginning of operational day on June, 18th 2008. Have made across Russia 688,4 mlrd rbl. the Rests on corresponding accounts of banks of the Moscow region - 524,6 mlrd the rbl.


At auctions ADR prevailed growth of quotations.

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