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The Russian market has won back a part morning gepa downwards

On Friday, on February, 19th, the auctions in the Russian share market have opened gepom downwards. External news, generated to the session beginning, has considerably worsened. The auctions the day before have finished the American share indexes growth, despite the data which has appeared worse expectations of the statistican.

on Friday futures for indexes of the USA were in deep a minus after announcement FRS of increase of the discount rate (from 0,5 % to 0,75 %). Actions FRS have provoked falling of indexes and on the Asian share platforms. Industrial metals on Friday also become cheaper. The prices for oil the day before grew, however on Friday of the quotation were developed downwards. At 11:30 Moscow time the prices of mark Brent fluctuated about a mark 76,53 dollars/ barr.

Thus, the external conjuncture on opening of the auctions in the Russian Federation has appeared practically entirely for bears . Domestic indexes have confidently moved downwards, but after a while have won back a part morning gepa downwards. As a result by 12:30 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has decreased on 0,77 % and has made 1328,48 points, RTS - on 0,92 %, to 1397,83 points. Volumes of the auctions by specified time have made on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 19,23 mlrd rbl., in RTS - 3,66 million dollars

According to experts, first half of session in the Russian share market will pass under the badge of sales. In second half of day it is not excluded that the part of players will take waiting positions on the threshold of the publication of the next block of statistics. expensive oil, high closing of the American stock exchanges and fastening of index S &P500 above a mark of 1100 points could return on Friday optimism on the Russian trading platforms, however unexpected decision FRS raise the discount rate crosses out all hopes bulls on a successful revenge - the vice-president " marks; the Capital Renaissance Denis Filippov.

Increased that fear that the withdrawal of monetary US authorities from the supersoft credit policy will slow down national economy restoration, have provoked sharp decrease in interest of investors to brave operations, have pushed a dollar exchange rate to euro to 9 - a monthly maximum and have brought down leading Asian share indexes more than on 2 %. Hardly the Russian market expects other destiny, especially on the eve of long days off, on which speculators usually prefer to leave with the facilitated portfolios, D.Filippov has underlined.

however, according to analysts of Gazprombank, the publication of indicators of a consumer price index in the USA can dispel some fears of inflationary pressure and inevitability of growth of rates. From the data of statistics published on Friday it is necessary to allocate February index PMI of an eurozone, indicators of volume of retails to Great Britain and a January consumer price index in the USA (CPI).

Oil quotations WTI during the morning auctions on Friday decreased. According to analysts of the company Aton strengthening of dollar and decrease in futures for the American indexes against increase of discount rate FRS became the reason of similar dynamics. The day before the Department of Energy of the USA (US Department of Energy) has published the data about fuel stocks in the country. Stocks of crude oil and gasoline have grown on 3,1 and 1,6 million barr., stocks of distillates have decreased on 2,9 million barr.

In the Russian market, despite falling of quotations of oil futures, actions of some the companies of oil and gas sector show growth. So, papers Surgutneftegaz by 12:30 Moscow time have risen in price for 1,7 %, LUKOIL - on 0,44 %. Capitalisation Rosneft by specified time has decreased on 0,31 %, oil Gazprom - on 1,12 %, Tatneft - on 0,1 %, Transneft - on 0,92 %, Gazprom - on 0,49 %, NOVATEKa - on 1,26 %.

While the metallurgical sector which is under the pressure of metals becoming cheaper in the world market inexpressively looks. The prices of actions GMK Norilsk nickel by 12:30 Moscow time have decreased on 1,15 %, Severstal - on 0,44 %, NLMK - on 1,05 %, MMK - on 1,67 %. Papers a gold Pole have fallen in price on 0,14 %, Polymetal - on 1,04 %.

In bank sector again it is necessary to pay attention to Rosbank papers (+3,49 %). Obviously, it is caused by the news which has appeared the day before about association of the Russian bank actives Interros (the shareholder of Rosbank) and Societe General. Ordinary actions of the Savings Bank by 12:30 Moscow time become cheaper on 2,67 %, exclusive - on 1,67 %, VTB - on 1,1 %.

In power sector of the market while sellers also dominate. Stock quotes FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY by 12:30 Moscow time have decreased on 0,66 %, RusGidro - on 0,79 %, MOESK - on 0,2 %, Mosenergo - on 1,97 %, Inter the Russian Open Society - on 1,23 %.

Among the telecommunication companies dynamics hardly better the market shows Rostelecom which capitalisation by 12:30 Moscow time has decreased all on 0,05 %. Papers Uralsvyazinform by specified time have lost 1,27 %, MTS - 0,45 %.

Taking into account forthcoming long days off in Russia experts find it difficult to do forecasts of opening of the auctions on Wednesday, on February, 24th as in this time the external conjuncture can sharply exchange. However the majority of experts is pessimistic enough look at short-term prospects of the Russian share market. However, local recoil of indexes upwards after falling is not excluded.