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Leaders of the market: the potential of growth of actions KAMAZa is not settled

In first half of trading session of Friday, on February, 19th, against decrease in actions prevailing in the market by one of leaders of growth there were ordinary actions of Open Society KAMAZ . Papers of the manufacturer of lorries in the beginning of the auctions grew in the price within 2 %. By 13:30 Moscow time actions KAMAZa have risen in price for 2,27 %.

The day before, on Thursday, the company has informed on opening on February, 25th in India assembly manufacture on joint indijsko - the Russian enterprise Kamaz - Vectra Motors Ltd. The Joint venture (joint venture) is created on industrial base of Indian group of companies Vectra Group, Open Society partner KAMAZ .

At the initial stage of work of the joint venture assumes to master assemblage of several models of onboard cars and building dump-body trucks on chassis KAMAZ - 6540 with a right-hand arrangement of a wheel, and also release of main tractors KAMAZ - 5460.

we Will remind, KAMAZ and the Indian company Vectra Group in 2009. Have signed the memorandum of an alliance and joint venture Kamaz creation - Vectra Motors Ltd. With designed capacity of 5 thousand cars of year. KAMAZu in the joint venture belongs 51 % of actions.

actions KAMAZa dvizhutsja on an ascending trend (1). Now company quotations are consolidated within the limits of a narrow range 60 - 80 rbl./ the action (2 - 3). Current growth represents movement to the top border of the given range. In intermediate term prospect, judging by indicators Stohastic Oscilator and RSI, level in 80 rbl. can be reached, as actions possess quite good potential of growth. A growth long-term objective is the price figure 95 rbl./ the action corresponding of 61,8 % of level of correction by Fibonachchi (5). The strong line of support corresponds to a price figure 45 rbl./ the action (4).

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