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The Russian market has ignored decrease in leading indexes of Europe

the Share auctions in Europe have opened on February, 19th mainly decrease in leading indexes against actions of Federal reserve system (FRS) the USA which has unexpectedly raised the discount rate to 0,75 %. Players are afraid that the measures undertaken FRS, - a signal of the beginning of turning of the program of stimulation of economy. Corporate news have given an occasion both to optimism, and to pessimism.

quotations of the manufacturer of electronic military-oriented systems Thales SA largest in Europe have decreased on 10 % against the financial report which has disappointed analysts. It was not pleasant to investors and the company management decision in 2009. For the first time for 12 years to reduce dividends to 0,5 euros for the action in comparison with 1,05 euros year before. To go on such measures the company have forced losses at a rate of 128 million euro in 2009. In the company negative results have explained reduction of number of orders.

Actions of the second-large company in the world of retail trade - French Carrefour SA have fallen in price on 1,5 % against unexpectedly low financial indicators. So, the net profit to surprise of analysts has decreased on 71,5 % and has made 437 million euro in 2009., whereas for 2008. The company has received net profit at a rate of 1,54 mlrd euro. Experts predicted that profit Carrefour following the results of 2009. Will make 1 mlrd euro.

however financial reports a number of the companies have given a pleasant surprise. So, actions of the Swiss manufacturer of foodstuff Nestle S. A. Bargain in green sector and from opening of the auctions had time to rise in price for 2,8 %. Net profit Nestle for 2009. Has made 10,4 mlrd the Swiss francs (7,1 mlrd euro) that has a little surpassed forecasts of experts (in 10,2 mlrd francs). Above forecasts there was also the gain of the company which have made 108 mlrd of Swiss francs (73,7 mlrd euro).

As of 14:00 Moscow time index FTSE 100 has gone down on 0,34 % - to 5306,80 points, German DAX - on 0,46 % - to 5654,20 points, French CAC 40 - on 0,62 % - to 3724,56 points. Swiss SMI has grown on 0,63 % - to 6679,19 points.

volume of retails in Great Britain in January 2010. In comparison with the last month has decreased on 1,8 %, the news service has informed referring to the report of National service of statistics of the country published on Friday. Analysts expected that in monthly calculation the given indicator will decrease on 0,5 %. This most considerable decrease in an indicator of retails in monthly calculation since June 2008.

In annual calculation the volume of retails in Great Britain has grown on 0,9 %. It is the most insignificant growth of an indicator since June 2009.

In December 2009. The volume of retails in Great Britain has decreased on 0,2 % in relation to the last month and has grown on 2,4 % in relation to December 2008.
According to French of National bureau of statistics Insee, an index of business moods in the country in February 2010. Has not changed against January and has made 91 point. Analysts expected that the indicator will make 93 points. In January 2010. The index of business moods, under the reconsidered data, has made 91 point, instead of 92 points as it was informed earlier.

the Index pays off on the basis of poll of 2 thousand heads of the largest companies, considering their forecasts for business and economy development as a whole.

the industrial prices in Germany in January 2010. In comparison with the last month have grown on 0,8 %. Such data was presented on Friday by Federal statistical service of the country. Analysts predicted indicator growth on 0,3 % in monthly calculation. In annual calculation the industrial prices in Germany have gone down on 3,4 %. In December 2009. The industrial prices in monthly calculation have decreased on 0,1 %, and in annual - on 5,2 %.

the Indicator of the industrial prices without the prices for energy carriers past month has grown on 0,1 % in monthly calculation and has decreased on 1,2 % in the annual.

the indicator of level of the industrial prices, reflecting change of the prices at sale of the goods directly from factories, is key for definition of the future indicator of inflation at level of consumers.

at auctions ADR of the Russian companies on LSE negative dynamics of quotations prevailed. By 14:00 Moscow time in leaders of growth left:

on LSE following papers showed the Most appreciable decrease in quotations:

the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index, despite primary decrease in the European indexes, has a little grown, however in the whole its dynamics remains negative.

according to analyst IK Maksvell the Capital Alexander Holostova, on Friday it is not necessary to wait for optimism as against a negative from the West and coming nearer long days off many investors prefer to close positions. at present the world markets are near to those levels when the further decrease will already cardinally change character of a trend in long-term prospect - he considers. For this reason on Wednesday, on February, 24th, - the first trading session of the next week it is possible to expect that the markets at least remain at levels of closing of Friday, the expert considers.

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