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Metals: to investors optimism

On Friday, on February, 19th has returned, in the market of industrial metals positive dynamics of quotations prevailed. Investors were confused even with a new coil of growth of the dollar, based on increase of the rate of discounting FRS. Probably, the positive which has come back on stock markets, was threw and on raw platforms. On Friday lead, the least - aluminium used the greatest demand.

3 - month Forward Prices, LME (results of the auctions at 18:00 on the London time):

aluminium became the Outsider of the auctions on February, 19th - its ton has fallen in price on 0,14 %, to 2104 dollars Probably, the relation of investors to this metal has affected stated by analysts JP Morgan Chase & Co. Opinion that demand for aluminium is restored, but slowly.

despite strengthening of dollar concerning euro, contracts on copper have added in the price of 1,58 %. According to president Capitol Commodity Services Inc. Lenni Cohen, red metal will look steady enough even in case of stronger dollar. Demand as a whole is restored, the economic news received during a week (industrial production and building of new houses) confirm this improvement.

Poimo of copper, have risen in price also zinc (+0,46 %), lead (+2,29 %) and tin (+1,53 %). Support to the last was rendered by considerably reduced volume of stocks of metal on LME - their decrease for a day has made 260 t (1 %).

Warehouse stocks of metals on LME as of February, 19th:

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