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The share auctions in Japan were closed by fall of index Nikkei

the Share auctions in Japan on March, 19th have come to the end with fall of index Nikkei for the first time for current week against yen strengthening. Appreciable decrease in a dollar exchange rate has occurred after made on the eve of Federal reserve system of the USA of statements for intention to redeem long-term governmental bonds for the sum to 300 mlrd dollars for the purpose of support of the market of crediting. As a result in Japanese stock market quotations of the largest exporters receiving a considerable part of profit on sales in the USA, first of all, have decreased. In particular, following the results of the auctions quotations of the largest Japanese motor-car manufacturers have gone down. So, Mazda Motor actions have lost in the price of 1,78 %, and Honda Motor quotations have decreased on 3,04 %. Besides, analysts Moody`s have lowered the day before a long-term credit rating of Honda that also has adversely affected an outcome of the auctions for the company.

Following the results of the auctions actions of such manufacturers of electronics, as Pioneer Corp have fallen in price also. (- 5,3 %), Sony Corp. (- 1 %), TDK Corp. (- 2,59 %), and quotations of the manufacturer of the equipment for testing of microchips Advantest Corp. Have gone down on 2,6 %. Simultaneously company quotations on manufacture of consumer electronics Casio Computer Co. Have fallen at once to 13,5 %. The day before the company has declared that its dead losses for 2008 - 2009 which is coming to the end in current month, will make 23 mlrd yens (239 million dollars) .

Meanwhile favorably trading session has come to the end for the manufacturer of electronics and computers Toshiba Corp. Its actions have added in the price of 1,2 % after the statement for appointment of the new chief executive.

quotations of the financial companies following the results of trading session also have appeared in plus. The second day of successively investors inspires the statement of Bank of Japan for intention to increase the sum allocated for monthly purchase of the state bonds, on 29 % - to 1,8 trln yens (18,27 mlrd dollars) and to give to banks subordinirovannye loans for the sum 1 trln yens (10,15 mlrd dollars) On purpose to recover crediting sector. On this background of stock quote of the largest Japanese bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group have raised on 2,3 %, and actions of less large Mizuho Financial and Sumitomo Mitsui have risen in price for 1,46 % and 5,36 % accordingly.

at the same time actions of gold mining company Sumitomo Metal Mining Co largest in the country. Have grown on 7,2 % against rise in prices for gold for 5,9 %.

Following the results of the auctions index Nikkei has gone down on 26,21 points (- 0,33 %) and has made 7945,96 points. The dollar exchange rate in relation to Japanese yen in comparison with the last trading day has gone down for 2,51 yens and has made 95,98 yens/ dollars