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Metals: as the leader of growth of environment aluminium

Quotations of base metals on March, 18th again has acted showed mixed dynamics under the influence of great volume of the diverse data of economic statistics and the events which have led to growth volatilnosti in the world financial and raw markets.

an analyst VTB the Capital A Krjuchenkov notices that for last week the majority of base metals has risen in price on a wave of prompt lifting of share quotations and easings of a tendency of leaving from risks. The rise in prices for the industrial metals, denominated in dollars, also was promoted by the easing of the American currency caused by reduction in demand for more safe actives (it is similar to gold).

According to A.Krjuchenkova, as the leader of growth copper the price on which has reached a four-monthly maximum against stable a great demand from China and the further reduction of warehouse stocks has acted. However, the macroeconomic statistics on - former does not favour to the copper market, except for high volume of import of metal to China.

basically quotations at the London stock exchange of metals followed dynamics of share indexes and change of the prices for other raw goods, sensitively reacting to changes of the relation of investors to risk. last week participants of the market showed the raised appetite to risk, despite the negative macroeconomic statistics. The index volatilnosti VIX has fallen to January minima - the expert has underlined.

3 - month Forward Prices, LME (results of trading session, at 18:00 the London time):
Nickel has grown up on 0,25 % - to 10025,0 dollars/ ton. According to International Nickel Study Group, in January 2009. Nickel manufacture has made 104300 tons, while consumption - only 88600 tons. Surplus in 15700 tons was as a result formed. By estimations World Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS), surplus of metal in the world market has made 15100 tons.

aluminium quotations have grown on 1,98 % - to 1393,0 dollars/ ton. According to data WBMS, surplus of aluminium in the world has reached in February of a point of 200800 tons in comparison with deficiency at a rate of 66000 tons year before.

the Jamaican company Alumina Partners of Jamaica (Alpart), belonging OK RUSAL (65 %) and Hydro Aluminium (35 %), has informed on a time stop since May, 15th 2009. The enterprises for extraction of bauxites and alumina manufacture. The time stop for the term of not less than 12 months is caused by proceeding deterioration of a situation in world aluminium branch and, as consequence, reduction in demand for alumina.

copper has risen in price for 1,59 % - to 3830,0 dollars/ ton. According to data International Copper Study Group, world production on copper mines can reach 22,8 million tons at the expense of projects in the South America and Africa. The melting potential at the expense of these projects should increase to 19,1 million tons and raise manufacture on 13 % - to 25,4 million tons. WBMS has informed that surplus of copper in the world has reached 151000 tons in January against deficiency at a rate of 4000 tons last year.

lead has decreased on 1,12 % - to 1320,0 dollars/ ton. According to WBMS, in January 2009. Lead supply and demand in the world have been balanced, while year before deficiency at a rate of 16000 tons was observed.

zinc quotations have decreased on 1,11 % - to 1220,0 dollars/ ton. WBMS has informed that surplus of zinc was reduced in January 2009. On 7800 tons against 54000 tons last year. Company Kagara declared that volumes of its annual manufacture will depend on flooding in region Queensland. The company has reduced the forecast of manufacture for 6 % - to 30000 tons in the financial year which is coming to an end on June, 30th.

tin has lost in the price of 1,49 % and 9900,0 dollars/ ton have fallen to a mark. According to WBMS, surplus of tin in the world in January 2009. Has made 300 tons.

warehouse stocks of metals on LME as of March, 18th:

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