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Treasuries: Decision FRS has added optimism

Following the results of trading session on March, 18th 2009. Profitableness of exchequer bonds has fallen on all spectrum of papers. On Wednesday two-day session FRS on which the decision to keep key discount rate in a range 0 - 0,25 % was accepted has ended. Besides, FRS has declared intention to redeem long-term governmental bonds.

as it is marked in the official document of department, necessity of purchase of a long-term public debt is connected with astable state of the economy and necessity of support of the market of crediting. To it representatives FRS have added, additional injection at a rate of 1 trln dollars in a financial system of the country and increase in quantity of purchases of the promissory notes provided with mortgage mortgages is expected also, make comments in IK Veles the Capital .

Influence on a course of the auctions was rendered also by macrostatistics. In particular, the Ministry of Labour has informed that consumer prices in the USA in February 2009. Have raised on 0,4 % in comparison with the last month. Analysts expected that inflation will make 0,3 %.

Moreover, the Ministry of Trade of the USA has published the data, according to which, negative balance of the balance of payments of the USA following the results of IV quarter 2008. Has made 132,8 mlrd dollars that became the lowest value with 2003. Following the results of 2008. The negative balance of the balance of payments of the USA has decreased to 673,3 mlrd dollars in comparison with 731,2 mlrd dollars in 2007.

As a result, on the beginning of trading session of Thursday, on March, 19th, the curve of profitableness of exchequer bonds of the USA looks as follows:

According to analysts NOMOS - Bank A bit later insignificant correction as of itself has reminded the fact of the expected announcement of new placings which at a rough guess can make in total amount of an order 99 mlrd dollars was observed At the same time, in the market rather optimistical moods which, can extend and for limits of a segment of state papers prevail.

on Thursday, on March, 19th, the data under primary references behind unemployment benefits, and also February values of an index of advancing indicators and index FRB of Philadelphia will be published. Under market forecasts for a week the quantity of demands on unemployment has increased to 656 thousand, mark in IK Veles the Capital .

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