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The Russian market grows led by the Savings Bank

On Thursday, on March, 19th, the accelerated growth of the Russian share market has proceeded. And again the list of leaders was headed by ordinary actions of the Savings Bank. However volumes of the auctions by bank actions have even more increased and have made almost half of all transactions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange. Growth was observed and in other sectors. Demand delay has occurred only when the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has come nearer to a mark of 800 points.

purchases in the Russian share market have begun with opening and proceeded almost before session closing. Participants have reduced turns only after opening of platforms in the USA. Demand has been generated by decision FRS to begin the repayment of the state bonds for the sum 300 mlrd dollars, and also mortgage bonds for the sum 750 mlrd dollars the Given decision has caused dollar falling to the basic world currencies, and also to rouble. Investors have there and then rushed to buy the hedge goods: metals and oil. Gold in the urgent market has risen in price from the beginning of day more than for 60 dollars/ ounce, and platinum - more than on 50 dollars/ ounce. The leaving macroeconomic data also has pleased investors. In the Russian market rally proceeded.

following the results of the auctions on March, 19th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 5,64 % - to 784,94 points, a classical index of RTS - on 6,77 % - to 694,69οσνκςΰ. Volumes of the auctions have made: on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 64,05 mlrd rbl., in the classical market of RTS - 12,75 million dollars

Oil WTI (Light Sweet) from the beginning of the auctions has risen in price more than for 4 dollars/ barr. That makes more than 8 %, and its maximum from the beginning of day the price for the first time from the beginning of December 2008γ. Has exceeded a mark 52 dollars/ barr. In the meantime the ceiling price of oil Brent has reached values 51,50 dollars/ barr. It is the highest indicator since January, 7th 2009γ. Active purchases of oil futures have been caused by a situation in market Forex where the American dollar handed over positions concerning leading world currencies, first of all in relation to euro.

Actions of oil sector grew. Papers “ Tatneft “ have risen in price for 1,03 %, “ Surgutneftegaz “ - on 5,73 %, “ oil Gazprom “ - on 3,63 %, “ Rosneft “ - on 6,91 %, LUKOIL - on 3,69 %.

Against the reporting data on MSFO, published the day before, growth of actions NOVATEKa which has risen in price following the results of session on 2,85 % has proceeded.

Papers “ Gazprom “ looked weaker than the market and have risen in price following the results of session for 3,24 %.

On Thursday the market has continued to win back the data presented the day before by the head of the Savings Bank by Herman Gref. He has informed that intends to reduce 6,5 thousand employees. Investors with optimism have concerned proceeding optimisation in bank. Ordinary actions have risen in price for 18,42 %, exclusive - on 7,43 %. Papers VTB which following the results of session have added 6,61 % Afterwards grew.

On Thursday there was an information that MTS carries on negotiations with banks for the purpose of re-structuring of the credit for 630 million dollars Investors with moderate optimism have concerned the message, MTS actions have risen in price for 3,28 %.

AUTOVAZ, despite a distress, has informed that together with company Ricardo (Great Britain) of the beginnings of work on creation of the new engine in volume of 1,8 l. Within the limits of the concluded contract firm Ricardo will assist experts of AUTOVAZ in working out of a head of the block of cylinders for the new engine and in motor calibration. On this background of a paper of AUTOVAZ have grown following the results of session on 4,56 %.

Against rising in price precious metals papers of the mining companies grew. Actions “ Polymetal “ have risen in price for 3,03 %, “ a gold Pole “ - on 8,73 %, GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ - on 7,92 %.

the Russian market on Thursday continued to grow. The great bulk of participants on - former played Savings Bank actions. However, possibly, on Friday, last day working week, participants will start to search for an occasion to profit fixing. To it can promote the begun correction in the markets in the USA and technical “ an overheat “ the Russian actions. However at the current prices for oil, the Russian actions will have immunity to a negative, and, quite probably, correction will have slow character.

analysts make following recommendations about actions of the leading Russian companies:

LUKOIL: to buy
Surgutneftegaz: to accumulate
Gazprom: to buy
the Savings Bank of Russia: to buy
Norilsk nickel: to accumulate
MTS: to buy
NK Rosneft: to accumulate
Bank VTB: to buy

Recommendations are made on the basis of annual a consensus - forecasts targetov the investment companies presented in a product “ Forecasts of the prices of actions “.

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