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Precious metals: in the market stagnation

In the market of precious metals again consolidation. Weakness of euro and force of dollar have made the business. It is difficult to participants to buy the raw materials nominated in strong American currency. However the fact of that cost of metals does not decrease against dollar growth, testifies to force of the market.

official spotovye the prices for gold in New York following the results of session on Thursday, on March, 18th, have made 1126,9 dollars/ ounce (+0,07 %). The second day metal practically is at a stop. However on Friday, on March, 19th, the next coil of strengthening of dollar has a little weakened bulls futures for metal are quoted with fall and at 08:30 Moscow time lose 0,26 %. Trade occurs at level 1124,6 dollars/ ounce.

as a whole the gold market now costs, - the operating director of a group of companies of Herman Sterligova Ivan Zhiznevsky marks. - Volumes of the auctions small, especially physical metal. Gold depends on fluctuations in the dollar market which while remains weak. At the moment the attention of investors is concentrated to profit fixing, and to count on sharp lifting of gold still it is not necessary. We continue to wait for rally, but not within the next few days .

silver The day before has a little fallen in price. Official spotovye the prices have made 17,41 dollars/ ounce (- 0,7 %). On Friday of the quotation in the urgent market also slip downwards, and by specified time futures for metal are on a mark 17,37 (- 0,27 %).

sellers have not bypassed platinum and a palladium, the prices spotovogo the market on these metals have made 1633 dollars/ ounce (- 0,06 %) and 481 dollars/ ounce (- 0,21 %) accordingly. On Friday after gold metals continue to become cheaper moderately. At 08:30 Moscow time for platinum ounce give 1624,4 dollars (- 0,4 %), a palladium - 477,2 dollars (- 0,32 %).

Experts specify in stagnation in the market of precious metals. Long-awaited rally has not taken place, fault to all the conjuncture which has developed in market Forex. Players cannot refuse in any way that of purchases of dollar which defines a trend on raw platforms.

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