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Metals: investors do not hurry up to sell actives

In the market of industrial metals the mixed moods have remained: investors do not hurry up completely to refuse from inherent in them last weeks bull a spirit, though conditions for sales quite approaching. So, has unexpectedly raised the key interest rate reserve bank of India. Taking into account appeals of China to carry out coped to the policy of crackdown, the Peoples Republic of China too can follow the lead of India, and investors in the raw markets of it very much are afraid. Did not promote increase of quotations and the considerable strengthening of the dollar exchange rate which has proceeded already the third session successively. Nevertheless two representatives of the market of industrial metals managed to finish session in positive territory, and falling of the others was not critical.

3 - month Forward Prices, LME (results of the auctions at 18:00 on the London time):

the nickel which has risen in price even became the Obvious favourite of the auctions on Friday is more considerable, than the day before. Contracts on it have added in the price of 1,68 % and have reached level 22675 dollars/ t. Support to metal was rendered stated by analyst Brook Hunt of Andrew Mitchell by opinion that in 2010. In the nickel market deficiency at least 10000 t though the situation and should change within three next years will be observed. According to the expert, demand growth will remain in China and other countries making stainless steel. A number of other analysts, truth, do not agree with E.Mitchell and expects falling of the prices for nickel in April - June to 20950 dollars/ t, that is more than on 7,5 % from current levels.

on March, 19th tin not bad looked. As it became known, industrial group ITRI Ltd. Starts the second phase of the project on monitoring of the offer of metal on mines of Democratic Republic Congo. The group will provide the market with the authentic data about volume of release which were until now inaccessible. Mines of Congo are interesting to investors, as this country - the manufacturer of metal largest in Africa and on its share in 2008. It was necessary about 8 % of world release of tin.

under pressure on Friday were zinc (- 0,39 %), lead (- 0,62) and aluminium (- 0,57 %). Copper (- 0,03 %) has got off with insignificant losses. The consensus - the forecast foretells growth of red metal next week from - for expected dollar easing.

warehouse stocks of metals on LME as of March, 19th:

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