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Evening session became a harbinger bear weeks

Friday afternoon the Russian indexes have started to be corrected downwards. So, following the results of session on April, 16th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has fallen on 2,34 % - to 1495,08 points, and RTS has lost 2,01 % and has reached a point 1642,57 points. The volume of the auctions by actions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has made 50,63 mlrd rbl. Total amount of the auctions in RTS the volume of the auctions by actions in RTS was up to standard 104,3 mlrd rbl. Thus has reached 13 mlrd rbl. (from them on RTS Standard - 12,71 mlrd rbl.) . In the evening falling of quotations of domestic papers has proceeded. The index of RTS following the results of evening session has lost 0,69 %, having fallen to 1631,2 points, RTS Standard has decreased on 0,85 % - to 10176,19 points.

in the market of urgent tools sales too were observed. The contract on RTS index has fallen in price to 159400 points (- 1,63 %), on RTS Standard - to 10050,5 points (- 1,13 %). Negative influence on indexes rendered decreasing raw materials. Futures for oil and gold on FORTS have fallen in the evening to 0,8 % and 1,3 % accordingly: the price of barrel Brent has made 85,9 dollars, trojskoj ounces of yellow metal - 1140,2 dollars

Negative influence of global correction has least affected quotations of the Russian papers of oil and gas sector. LUKOIL actions have fallen in price on 1,1 %, Gazprom - on 0,68 %, Rosneft - on 0,73 %, Tatneft - on 1,65 %. Exclusive papers Surgutneftegaz Have fallen on 2,96 %. It is necessary to notice that appreciable falling of the last has occurred from - for low liquidities of the market - at so small price owners of actions have changed only 200 papers.

under pressure there were also actions of banks. Small support to sector was rendered by the fact of closing of the register on April, 16th on papers of the Savings Bank and VTB. Following the results of session Savings Bank preference shares have fallen in the price for 0,59 %, ordinary - on 0,94 %, VTB - on 1,09 %.

Becoming cheaper metals negatively influenced capitalisation of the metallurgical companies. Actions Nornikelja and Severstal have decreased on 0,61 % and 4,51 % accordingly.

most appreciable falling of quotations was shown in the evening by papers RusGidro fallen in price on 7,3 %.

the Russian papers have begun the accelerated correction. Players have decided not to wait summer and began to fix aggressively profit already in the middle of April. Probably, all beginning week will pass flying the flag bears as the complex of problems opened SEC in bank Goldman Sachs, will not be limited to one this credit organisation, and some traders have already started talking about the second wave of crisis.
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