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Forex: essential shifts

Problems of Greece already within the next few days will begin have bored investors: a far-fetched occasion to lower an euro exchange rate for a long time itself has settled. On this background of the power of the United States could not stay idle - the dollar exchange rate has considerably grown concerning leading world currencies, and in such conditions it is very difficult to American economy to leave crisis. Moreover, in the autumn FRS will start to raise the key rate and then the currency of the USA becomes even more attractive to players.

in reply to a current situation the American authorities have begun witch-hunt, and their first victim became Goldman Sachs. The first, shock, reaction of the market to claim SEC to bank was predicted: players have hastened to buy currency of the USA. However comprehension of an event and dollar within the next few days will come will turn to an active which needs to be sold urgently. If on Monday, on April, 19th, at 9:00 Moscow time one euro cost 1,346 dollars How it is represented, by a weekend for euro than 1,36 dollars Thus will give more growth of cost of raw materials is improbable.

transition of players in attack to dollar has already begun: the yen has started to weaken. At 9:00 Moscow time for one dollar it is possible to gain 92,03 yens, and, on - visible, players leave conservative Japanese currency. Further during a week participants of the market will choose currency to which the Asian money will go. While it is the Swiss franc: it unique grows since morning on Monday. However in process of succession of events in the USA at investors appetite growth to risk in the European markets can be observed and, as consequence, there will be an euro and pound growth.

thus, in market Forex the turn can begin. The dollar exchange rate is overestimated concerning leading world currencies, and that with it to do, US authorities yet do not know. To make a complaint to China in yuan exchange rate understating it has appeared senselessly, and to declare it to Europeans - not tactfully. As a result the American authorities had to choose the third way and to begin to inflate an operated problem in the economy.
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