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The Russian market again in the power of sellers

On Monday, on April, 19th, the auctions in the Russian share market have opened gepom downwards, much worsened external news background became the reason for that. The American share indexes have finished Friday session by essential decrease. As analysts " mark; Three Dialogue “ begun by the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA investigation concerning work Goldman Sachs with risky mortgage bonds has struck on the American market: index S &P 500 has fallen on 1,6 %, and tone set the financial sector which market capitalisation has decreased for 3,7 %. Besides, on days off of the power of Great Britain and Germany have informed that too can begin investigation concerning Goldman Sachs. Thus on April, 19th since the morning futures for indexes of the USA have continued descending dynamics. At the Asian stock exchanges sellers too dominated. Metals following the results of Friday session have fallen in price. Oil decreased on April, 16th, thus on Monday of its quotation continue movement downwards - at 11:30 Moscow time the price of grade Brent changed about a mark 84,78 dollars/ barr. Thus, at the Russian share market was not uniform chance to begin week on the positive note.
as a result by 12:30 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has decreased on 2,41 % and has made 1459 points, RTS has lost 2,45 % and there were on a mark 1602,33 points. Volumes of the auctions by specified time have made: on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 23,07 mlrd rbl., in RTS share market - 2,55 million dollars
Almost all experts agree in opinion that session of Monday in domestic stock market will pass under the badge of falling of indexes. And here its depth will be defined by arriving news, including concerning a situation around Goldman Sachs. As analysts of Gazprombank mark, in the beginning of the auctions decrease in quotations will be observed. Negative dynamics, possibly, will remain and during the day. Experts underline that the publication of financial results Citigroup, however uncertainty around Goldman Sachs can render influence on dynamics of indexes, most likely, will promote prevalence of pessimism among players. In turn analyst GK “ Alor “ Anna Ljukanova notices that negative signals arrive absolutely from all markets. The situation on raw platforms can render serious pressure upon actions of the Russian oil and gas sector, in particular. Besides fundamental factors, pressure upon raw materials continues to render the currency market: the euro pair/ dollar bargains in a negative zone, below a mark 1,35. Results of Friday evening session testify To absence of positive moods among the Russian investors on platform RTS Standard also. Thus, on April, 19th, most likely, the Russian share market will appear in the power of sellers. From statdannyh, besides reporting Citigroup, it is necessary to allocate the publication of financial results of company Halliburton and an index of advancing indicators of the USA.
one of outsiders of the market the power sector by the current moment looks: “ RusGidro “ by 12:30 Moscow time has decreased on 2,7 %, “ Inter the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ “ - on 3,75 %, Holding MRSK - on 3,01 %, “ Mosenergo “ - on 2,89 %, FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY - on 3,01 %, MOESK - on 4,57 %. Sales also in papers OGK and TGK are marked.
the President of the Savings Bank Herman Gref and vice-president Alexander Morozov have spent a press - the conference devoted to a question of decrease of rates under retail credits (on 0,5 - 1 items of the item) Since April, 19th. G.Gref besides the other has noticed that does not expect increase of size of the delayed credits (NPL) the Savings Bank from current level (5,1 % on RSBU for April, first), and in 2011γ. Bank reserves on a covering of losses under credits can be dismissed. “ we consider the given information moderately favorable for the Savings Bank, especially regarding G.Gref`s statements about NPL. Changes of interest rates, most likely, are already considered in last forecast of management of the credit organisation expecting decrease in 2010γ. A pure percentage margin (NIM) on 50 - 100. The item in annual comparison “ - have commented on a situation of analytics of the company “ Aton “. Nevertheless the given news, most likely, is levelled by scandal around Goldman Sachs. All financial sector of the USA has essentially decreased, having dragged away behind itself the market as a whole. According to an analyst “ Alor “ And. Ljukanovoj, this negative will put pressure and upon actions of the Russian bank sector. Ordinary papers of the Savings Bank by 12:30 Moscow time have fallen in price on 2,06 %, exclusive - on 4,18 %, VTB - on 4,17 %.
Oil on Friday has fallen off after the financial markets. As analyst IK " considers; Brokerkreditservis “ Dmitry Savchenko, essential pressure upon quotations “ oil “ rendered the dollar which has become stronger to euro. Risks of decrease in credit ratings in Europe and growth CDS on the European state bonds now are at the head of a corner. The disturber of calmness became and Goldman Sachs. On Monday of the quotation of oil have continued movement downwards that has put pressure upon actions Russian NK. So, LUKOIL by 12:30 Moscow time has lost in cost of 2,27 %, “ Surgutneftegaz “ - 1,78 %, “ Rosneft “ - 3,0 %, “ Gazprom oil “ - 4,04 %, “ Tatneft “ - 1,93 %, exclusive papers “ Transneft “ - 2,94 %, “ Gazprom “ - 2,06 %, NOVATEK - 2,78 %.
According to mass-media, the Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has decided to stop investigation concerning rise in prices in home market from the steelmaking companies. As analysts of the company " have underlined; Aton “ for the present there is no official acknowledgement of this message. FAS earlier noticed that, despite almost double growth of costs on raw materials, manufacturers became have increased the prices of all on 20 - 30 %. “ We consider news favorable for the steelmaking companies, but we believe that now the raw companies " can become object of investigation; - experts summarised. However, taking into account the developed external conjuncture the market hardly will notice now any positive. “ Nornikel “ by 12:30 Moscow time has lost in the price of 2,46 %, MMK - 3,24 %, NLMK - 2,52 %, “ Severstal “ - 2,88 %. “ the Pole gold “ By specified time has fallen in price on 0,54 %, “ Polymetal “ - on 1,03 %.
Pochtili the attention sellers and a telecommunication segment of the market: “ Uralsvyazinform “ by 12:30 Moscow time has decreased on 1,92 %, “ Volgatelekom “ - on 1,65 %, “ Sibirtelekom “ - on 4,76 %, “ TSentrtelekom “ - on 3,33 %, “ severo - the Western Telecom “ - on 2,96 %. “ Rostelecom “ by specified time has lost in costs of 2,06 %, MTS - 3,38 %.
the Majority of experts believes that the beginning of current week will pass under the badge of succession of events around Goldman Sachs. “ Players will watch closely a situation, weightiness of charges and their consequences for the company and the markets as a whole. As a result it is possible to expect strengthening volatilnosti, and as the basic drivers statements of officials will serve. Under a weekend players will remember about the macroeconomic statistics published on Thursday and Friday which will define moods of players last days five-day weeks “ - experts of the company " consider; NetTrader. ru “. The analyst of Bank of Moscow Yury Volov too believes that development of a situation with Goldman Sachs becomes the defining factor for the world financial markets in the nearest sessions. The negative scenario of succession of events is quite capable to undermine again trust of participants of the market even to the largest and successful representatives of a world financial system, having provoked serious correction worldwide.