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Negative opening of the auctions in Europe has weakened Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange positions

the Share auctions in Europe on Monday, on April, 19th, have opened decrease in leading indexes against news about the claim of the Commission for securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) against the American bank Goldman Sachs and mass cancellation of flights at the European airports in connection with volcano eruption in Iceland.

on Friday, on April, 16th, SEC has brought an action against influential American bank Goldman Sachs, having accused him of swindle with use of derivative mortgage papers that essential impact on dynamics of quotations of leading European banks has made. So, actions French BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole and Societe Generale have fallen in price on 0,5 %, 0,1 % and 0,9 % accordingly. Papers of German Deutsche Bank AG have decreased on 1,3 %. Stock quotes of the British banks too bargain in a negative zone: papers Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays have fallen in price on 0,4 % and 1,2 % accordingly.

Because the air space over the majority of the countries of the Old World while remains closed of - for volcano eruptions in Iceland, among papers of the European airlines the course on decrease is observed: actions of French Air France have fallen in price on 3,1 %, securities of German Lufthansa - on 3,9 %, actions British British Airways and Irish Ryanair - on 3,2 % and 2,5 % accordingly.

falling of the prices for oil has provoked decrease in quotations of the power companies: actions French Total have fallen in price on 0,5 %, British VR - on 0,3 %, britano - Dutch Royal Dutch/ Shell - on 0,2 %.

Negative dynamics of quotations was observed and among the mining companies. The prices for copper fall in London the third day against amplifying anxiety of investors concerning toughening of measures of China on restraint of speculative growth of the market of real estate that can cause national economy cooling as a whole and, as consequence, reduction of demand for metals from the largest in the world of the importer. On this background of the action Swiss Xstrata have lost in the price of 0,8 %, papers britano - Australian BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have fallen in price on 0,9 % and 0,4 % accordingly.

thus successfully enough there are share auctions for the Netherlands company Royal Philips Electronics N V. (Koninklijke Philips Electronics), the manufacturer of household electronics largest in Europe. Shares of company have risen in price for 2,5 % against the favorable financial report, according to which its net profit for I quarter 2010. Has made 200 million euro that has considerably exceeded an estimation of analysts (102,4 million euro).

As of 14:00 Moscow time index FTSE 100 has gone down on 0,59 % - to 5709,99 points, French CAC 40 has fallen to 0,7 % - to 3958,64 points, German DAX has fallen on 0,42 % - to 6154,98 points, and Swiss SMI has lost 1,57 % and has made 6785,03 points.

at the auctions on LSE quotations ADR of the Russian companies decreased. By 14:00 Moscow time positive dynamics was shown only by papers Halyk Savings BK which has risen in price for 0,39 % - to 10,19 dollars

on LSE by specified time following papers showed the Most appreciable decrease in quotations:

Decrease in the European markets at opening of the auctions only has strengthened positions of sellers at the Russian stock exchanges of actions which and without that stayed in a red zone. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has reacted decrease to negative dynamics of leading European share indicators.  

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