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Claim SEC to Goldman Sachs carries a political shade

the End of the past week and the beginning flowing are marked by increase of risks in the world financial markets in view of that the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) has brought an action on Goldman Sachs, having accused him of swindle with use of derivative mortgage papers. According to the commission statement, the bank structured and deduced so-called synthetic bonds CDO on the market, profitableness and which risks depended on a base mortgage of a class subprime. And Goldman Sachs Group did not open to investors of the information on these products, and they could not estimate adequately the risks put in these papers. SEC demands from Goldman Sachs returning of illegally received profit, payment of percent for the period before adjudication and payment of penalties.

the chief of analytical department IK Tserih Kepital Management Nikolay Podlevsky adds that the claims to Goldman Sachs are in Germany and Great Britain.

as a result of the action of bank Goldman Sachs following the results of the share auctions of Friday have fallen off almost on 13 % and have pulled behind itself other American banks: papers Bank of America have fallen in price on 5,5 %, Citigroup - on 5,2 %. However according to experts if not England with Germany and France, the problem would be short-term.

the statement was stunning, is to consider that in the West there is a practice of the conclusion of agreements with the authorities on which SEC usually quickly agrees with the companies about penalties, without bringing matters to court. Besides, it is not quite clear, why this fact has emerged right now, after all it any more the first case with Goldman Sachs.

According to the leading expert of analytical department RIK - Finans Tkachuk`s novel, the most interesting here to understand, why it has occurred right now if about frauds Goldman Sachs with CDO it was known for a long time and why the claim is shown to Goldman Sachs if similar operations spent many world investment houses and a hedge - funds. Goldman Sachs, the expert, one of the largest banks, having a lobby in the Senate of the USA which can take serious measures for protection of the reputation marks.

R.Tkachuk considers that the present claim is connected with desire of Presidential Administration to lift Barack Obama`s rating. Ordinary Americans negatively concern the superprofits received by investment banks, and the court against one of the largest will be apprehended by citizens with approval. Besides, in the Congress of the USA discussion of acceptance of the plan of Volkera which can limit a field of activity of banks considerably proceeds. This project has encountered serious resistance in the Congress from bank lobbyists. After claim SEC the congress will be negatively adjusted in relation to banks and is more compliant concerning acceptance of the plan of Volkera - the expert has underlined.

at the same time, the operating director " reminds; Arbat the Capital Alexander Orlov. Claims have arisen still 18 months ago, business now has reached formal removal of charge. plus, it is fast (in November) elections in the Senate, and democrats want to raise the popularity - the expert adds.

as chairman of the board UK " marks; the Alpha - the Capital Michael Habarov, a situation developed around Goldman Sachs, has, first of all, political character. after crisis the US president and its administration have started talking about cardinal reform of financial regulation. Bosses of banks have accepted it in bayonets . Secret struggle has begun. Time of open operations now has come, M.Habarov considers.

Current week B.Obama acts in the Senate with final offers on financial reform. Claim SEC to Goldman Sachs on Friday is original anticipating art preparation . On Saturday, on April, 17th, otbombilsja B.Obama. In the broadcast appeal to the nation he has noticed that banks cannot remain under former level of control. Bankers already try to agree already with senators - republicans to block reform - M.Habarov has underlined.

the Expert also considers interesting that fact that at the Cannes festival now passes predisplay of a new film of Olivera Stone Uoll - strit - 2 in which Michael Duglasa`s hero warns that the financial system as it stands threatens to destroy all. in wide world hire the film will be since September, but event of real life, I believe, will be not less dramatic. The peace outcome is improbable - M.Habarov believes.

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