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The urgent market: results of the auctions from 12 on April, 16th

Following the results of a week from April, 12 till April, 16th. The Russian share market has shown positive dynamics. RTS index has grown on 0,66 % and has stopped at level 1642,57 points whereas week before, on April, 9th, its value made 1631,81 points. As of the past Friday, on April, 16th, RTS was on 6,88 % above a closing mark one month ago (1536,79 points for March, 16th) and on 101,23 % above a similar indicator of year prescription (819,57 points as of April, 16th 2009γ.) . The dollar exchange rate in relation to rouble for the last week has fallen on 1,60 %. Crucial importance for the Russian share and urgent markets during the specified period had situation development on world raw platforms.

as the analyst " marks; the Alpha - the Capital “ Vladimir Dorogov has noticed that, despite stabilisation of the currency and raw markets in first half of week, from April, 15 till April, 19th the dollar exchange rate has grown with 1,365 to 1,3422 dollars/ euro. It was followed by reduction of prices on oil with 87 to 81 dollars/ barr. And correction in world stock markets.

the senior analyst “ Arbat the Capital “ Vitaly Gromadin, making comments on a situation in the gas market, specifies that signs of decrease in activity of manufacturers in drilling of chinks for gas production it is not observed, and the price of natural gas in the USA cannot come off from “ a bottom “ at level 4 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m. However strong falling in the market with the termination of winter was replaced by gradual growth. “ current week in the gas market of essential changes it is not necessary to expect. As the driver for growth in a weekend on chinks the data can serve in the USA. At present in the market the termination of constant growth of horizontal chinks, basically used for extraction of slate gas " is expected, at last; - the expert has concluded.

an analyst “ Arbat the Capital “ Artem Bahtigozin reminds that on an extent bolshej parts of the last week the gold price fluctuated about resistance 1160 - 1165 dollars/ ounce, the last before movement towards global maxima (1226 dollars/ ounce). However without support from the currency market (that is dollar falling) buyers within a week and could not overcome the given level. And on Friday, on April, 16th, against growth of negative moods in the financial markets after a presentation of charges Goldman Sachs of sale of precious metals have considerably amplified.

as a result for last five trading days of the quotation of gold have shown decrease hardly more than 2 % and have returned to a lateral range. It is possible to expect that the situation with one of the largest American banks at present will be defining for many segments of the financial market. The bottom border of a lateral trend - levels 1080 - 1100 dollars/ ounce while the way upward can be again limited by resistance on marks 1160 - 1165 dollars/ ounce can become the nearest purpose of decrease for gold in case of acknowledgement of the negative scenario.

following the results of the past week 29 from 50 actions entering into calculation of an index of RTS, had on it positive influence (+21,35οσνκςΰ in the sum), influence of 13 papers was negative (- 10,59 points), and the price of eight more actions for a week has not changed. Most positively the rise in prices of ordinary actions of Open Society was reflected in dynamics of an index of RTS “ Gazprom “ (+7,93 index points), GMK “ Norilsk nickel “ (+3,5 points) and the Savings Bank (+1,9 points). Negative influence on RTS index has rendered falling of the price of ordinary actions “ Rosneft “ (- 4,25 points).

For a week from April, 12 till April, 16th the volume of the auctions by derivative tools on RTS index has made 380,9 mlrd rbl., or 4,03 million contracts. The turn of futures for RTS has made 77,38 % from a cumulative turn of auctions FORTS in money terms.

though as it was already marked, RTS index for the last week has grown on 0,66 %, June futures for it have risen in price for 1,09 %, and September - on 1,23 %. Past week futures for RTS index bargained as a whole below a spot, June contracts were closed on 22,05 points below a base active, and September - on 22,9 points. The total volume of open positions in contracts under index futures for a week has decreased on 0,94 %.

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