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Precious metals: gold and silver continue to rise

Official spotovye the prices for precious metals following the results of session on April, 18th in New York have changed raznonapravlenno and have made: gold - 1496,9 dollars/ ounce (+0,64 %), silver - 43,40 dollars/ ounce (+0,77 %), platinum - 1784 dollars/ ounce (- 0,56 %), a palladium - 739 dollars/ ounce (- 4,18 %).

Among metals independently on - former there is a silver which prices have overcome intermediate resistance around 43 dollars/ ounce and have updated 31 - a summer maximum against steady investment purchases. Silver continues to show dynamics advancing gold in this connection the price difference between two precious metals decreases, the analyst " has underlined; VTB the Capital Andrey Krjuchenkov.

the Prices for gold also have sharply grown, have updated a historical maximum and 1500 dollars/ ounce have come nearer to resistance level on a mark. The prompt rise in price of gold has occurred against new splash in inflationary expectations, fears concerning debt problems in an eurozone, connected with a new aggravation of a situation round a state debt of Greece and fall of the forecast of a rating of the USA by agency S &P.

On this background on a case of fixing of profit on gold and level breakdown in 1470 dollars/ ounce downwards intermediate support on - former is on a mark 1450 dollars/ ounce. However in short-term prospect movement upwards where key resistance makes 1500 dollars is represented to more probable, the analyst has concluded.

on Tuesday at 8:30 Moscow time one ounce of silver costs 42,77 dollars (- 0,41 %), gold - 1489,18 dollars (- 0,24 %), platinum - 1776,2 dollars (- 0,37 %), a palladium - 732 dollars (- 0,95 %).

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