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Forex: S &P has warned, but the dollar while grows

the Thunder among clear day there was a rating action of agency Standard first for last 20 years and Poor`s (S &P) concerning a sovereign debt of the United States of America. S &P has lowered the forecast on rating A with stable on negative .

Ratings of the USA at the given level are caused highly remunerative, diversifitsirovannoj and flexible economy. Besides, they are supported by the reasonable and balanced monetary policy spent by the authorities which allows to support economic growth and to constrain thus inflationary risks. The agency marks also unique advantages which to the country are given by an exclusive position of dollar concerning other currencies.

In spite of the fact that strengths of the American economy at the moment outweigh economic and fiscal risks of the USA as huge debtor, at the same time there is a probability of that the next two years credit risks will appear are high enough. And it threatens conformity of the USA to a credit rating at level AAA - the credit analyst of Nikola of J has informed. Svon. As he said, after more than two years from the crisis beginning the American legislators and could not agree how to constrain situation deterioration in the state finance and how to resist to pressure upon fiscal system in long-term prospect.

it is impossible to tell that agency actions were groundless or unreasonably pessimistic. According to data OESR, the budgeted deficit of the USA during the current year will be above, than in Greece or Portugal. In general, among the countries OESR is worse than the USA - only Ireland. Nevertheless, in the currency market during the current year it is not observed any reaction. At large volumes of placings Treasuries leaving FRS upon termination of the program of quantitative softening will lead to growth of rates. On idea, it could become the positive factor for dollar. But considering the reasons of growth of rates, it, more likely, will be a negative. But while the markets persistently ignore preventions of possibility of debt crisis in the USA which arrive from different sources - both from investment companies, and from IMF, has underlined the senior currency strategist Rabobank of Jane Fouli.

Now the markets have received, apparently, a clear signal from S &P, but currency it has affected a course of the auctions poorly. The dollar, strangely enough, has started to become stronger in relation to euro, and at 09:00 Moscow time on Tuesday, on April, 19th, 1,423 dollars/ euro bargain on a mark.

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