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Premarket the USA: bulls will wait to the statistican from the habitation market

At opening of the share auctions in the USA on October, 20th increase of leading indexes is expected. Despite intense conditions in an eurozone, the corporate background and the forthcoming publication of the macroeconomic data make positive impact on the share markets.

in particular, before opening of the auctions the Ministry of Labour of the USA (US Department of Labor) will publish a number of the data about a situation with employment in the country, in particular about number of primary references behind the unemployment benefit for a week which has come to the end on October, 15th 2011. According to analysts, the indicator will decrease to 400 thousand requirements.

Besides, the positive in the market is supported and a season of the corporate reporting proceeding in the USA. Earlier on Thursday the results following the results of 9 months 2011. Has published one of the world`s largest the manufacturer of cigarettes Philip Morris International (PMI) company Net profit has grown for the accounting period on 21,8 %.

In raw sector lifting also is expected. The prices for oil futures Light Sweet grow that can positively be reflected in quotations of the leading oil and gas and petroservice companies of the USA.

as of 16:00 Moscow time quotations of futures on index Dow Jones have grown on 55,00 points (+0,48 %), on index S &P - on 4,10 points (+0,34 %), on index NASDAQ - on 0,25 points (+0,01 %).

the American indexes have finished the Previous trading session very poorly, almost on minima of day. Index S &P has swept downwards to a mark of 1210 points after once again could not rise above strong level of resistance of 1230 points. While bulls delay realisation of storm of this resistance, chances of their success does not increase, and investors start to be nervous. Thus dynamics of futures for the American indexes allows an occasion to relax slightly - at opening of the auctions the small rebound upwards is planned. Outgrow in steady purchases it can thanks to the strong macroeconomic statistics, and a pleasant surprise can show to the world the data about sales in the secondary market of habitation in the USA for September. We will remind, figures from the market of habitation both on Tuesday, and on Wednesday have surpassed expectations of economists, on Thursday experts while expect indicator deterioration. While it is necessary to hope for the best and to expect growth renewal. If S &P will decide to leave below a mark of 1200 points, means, time of descending correction has come. To a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index in that case above 1400 points to which it desperately clings last days not to be kept.

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