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Stock exchanges of Europe under the pressure of eurozone problems have fallen more than to 2 %

the Auctions by actions in Europe on Thursday, on October, 20th, have opened decrease in leading indexes. The negative spirit has been caused by results of the past on the eve of negotiations of the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy and German chancellor Angela Merkel. Heads of the states could not come to the joint decision concerning debt crisis in an eurozone. During the day movement of the European share indexes was raznonapravlennym under the influence of arriving news. The message that the three of creditors of Greece (IMF, and ETSB became the positive factor for the market) following the results of recent work in the country recommended to allocate the European Union in the shortest terms to Athenes the next tranche of the credit at a rate of 8 mlrd dollars Negatively on moods of investors on the European platforms news that the summit of EU expected by all during coming week-end can be postponed without day has affected.

Following the results of day the French index CAC 40 has fallen to 2,32 % and has made 3084,07 points, German DAX - on 2,49 % - to 5766,48 points, British FTSE 100 - on 1,21 % - to 5384,68 points. In leaders of falling there were papers of bank sector, in particular actions of the Italian and Spanish banks.

actions of the world`s largest manufacturer of cellular telephones - Finnish Nokia have risen in price for 5,54 % as company dead loss has appeared less, than it was expected. In III quarter Nokia has fixed dead loss on a share of owners of the parent company in 68 million euro (for the same quarter year before the net profit in 529 million euro has been received). The Sales volume was reduced to 12,6 % - to 8,98 mlrd euro against 10,27 mlrd euro year before. The operational loss has made 71 million euro (against operational profit in 403 million euro in III quarter 2010.) . Deliveries of mobile phones Nokia in III quarter of this year have decreased on 3 % in annual calculation - to 106,6 million units.

papers Nestle S. A. Have lost 0,48 % of the price. Sales volume of the Swiss manufacturer of foodstuff for 9 months 2011. Has gone down on 13,5 % - to 60 mlrd 889 million Swiss francs (approximately 49,09 mlrd euro) in comparison with 70 mlrd 409 million the Swiss francs, received for the similar period year before. Analysts predicted that the indicator will make 61,9 mlrd francs. Thus the greatest sales volume for the accounting period is noted in the American division of the company - 19 mlrd 131 million Swiss francs (15,42 mlrd euro), and the least is fixed in the division which is responsible for Europe, - 11,08 mlrd the Swiss francs (8,93 mlrd euro). Organic growth of sales of group for January - September 2011. Has made 7,3 % in annual expression, and real internal - 4,1 %.

the Industrial prices in Germany in September 2011. In comparison with the last month have raised on 0,3 %, the news service informs referring to the report of Federal statistical service of the country. Analysts predicted indicator increase on 0,2 %. In comparison with September 2010. The industrial prices in Germany in the same month 2011. Have increased by 5,5 %. In August 2011. The industrial prices in monthly calculation have decreased on 0,3 %, and in annual - have risen on 5,5 %.

Volume of retails in Great Britain in September 2011. In comparison with the last month has grown on 0,6 %, the National service of statistics has informed. Analysts expected that in monthly calculation the given indicator will raise on 0,2 %. Volume of retails in Great Britain in September 2011. In comparison with September 2010. Also has raised on 0,6 %. In August 2011. The volume of retails in Great Britain, under the specified data, in monthly calculation has decreased on 0,4 % (earlier it was informed on decrease on 0,2 %), and in annual calculation - on 0,8 % (earlier was informed that in annual calculation the indicator has not changed).

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