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Forex: dollar positions are invariable

Following the results of the auctions on Wednesday, on November, 19th, the dollar has grown again against euro and the British pound. Many news, therefore the auctions have during the day arrived have passed volatilno.

If it is primary after the publication of some the data about state of the economy of the USA dollar has decreased against euro to a mark 1,2814 negative moods on share platforms have led to growth of the American currency. Before opening of the auctions the Ministry of Trade of the United States has published the report, according to which volume of building of new houses in the country in October 2008. Has decreased on 4,5 % in comparison with the last month - to 791 thousand units. It is the minimum indicator from the beginning of tracing of a rating in 1959. Also department has informed that consumer prices in America in October 2008. Have decreased on 1 % in comparison with the last month.

has not added to investors of optimism and the report of last session FRS according to which monetary - the credit policy of a regulator will be softened further against delay of growth of inflation and decrease in economic activity. FRS has lowered the forecast of economic activity in the country on 2008 - 2009. According to the new forecast, gross national product will not change or will grow all on 0,3 % during the current year. In 2009., possibly, gross national product will fluctuate between decrease on 0,2 % and growth on 1,1 %.

the Situation round the American car industry remains strained. A top - managers of the companies of branch in the USA during hearings about granting of the state support by it in size 25 mlrd dollars have warned the Congress that the sector is in a deplorable state, practically on the verge of crash. But while some politicians oppose branch state supports. Participants of the market are afraid that in the near future the Congress and will not offer the plan of rescue of car industry and influence of potential crash of autoindustrial sector on real national economy which and without that is already too weak, causes strong anxiety in investors.

on Wednesday with the report vice-president FRS Donald Kon has acted. As they say in the report, instability in economy and in the financial markets, on - visible, will remain also decrease in interest rates is the effective remedy against formation new bubbles . According to D.Kona, the present crisis which has begun with delivery of risky credits and doubtful actions in the financial markets in the USA, will last longer, than previous, from - for the problem scale which essence consists in problems in the market of habitation and the sizes of bank losses. D.Kon also has expressed doubt that the central banks can expect and prevent occurrence next Bubble increase of interest rates. Instead of use of a rectilinear policy of increase in interest rates, to the monetary authorities followed more attentively to study possibility of application of mechanisms of regulation for a solution of a problem of potentially dangerous behaviour, considers D.Kon.

dynamics similar to those that was observed in euro steam/ dollar, was marked the day before and on steam pound/ dollar. The British pound has risen in price initially to 1,525 dollars, but prospects of the further depreciation of the credit Bank of England have led again to pound sales. According to the report of last session of Committee on the monetary policy, the decision to lower the interest rate on 1,5 % was accepted unanimously, the question of its even more considerable reduction in connection with deterioration of prospects of economy and probability of notable recession of inflation was thus discussed.

in the morning on Thursday, on November, 20th, the basic currency steams bargain around opening levels. As of 10:45 Moscow time the euro pair/ dollar was about a mark 1,2528. The British pound cost about 1,4939 dollars of Steam dollar/ yen was quoted around level 95,23.

From Great Britain and the USA on Thursday the new portion of the macroeconomic information which hardly probable will inspire investment community will arrive. On this background the dollar, possibly, will keep stability in steam to the European competitors.

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