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Treasuries: papers use a great demand

the Auctions on Wednesday, on November, 19th 2008., in the market of exchequer bonds were closed by growth of quotations on all spectrum of papers. Support to the market was rendered by falling of share indexes to the lowest value for last 5,5 years. So, index DJI has decreased on 427,47 points (- 5,07 %) - to 7997,28 points, Nasdaq has fallen on 96,85 points (- 6,53 %) - to 1386,42 points, S & P has lost 52,54 points (- 6,12 %) and has made 806,58 points.

decrease by Federal reserve system has affected mood of investors (FRS) the USA of the forecast of economic activity in the country on 2008 - 2009. According to the new forecast, the internal national produce (gross national product) will not change or will grow all on 0,3 % during the current year. In 2009., possibly, gross national product will fluctuate between decrease on 0,2 % and growth on 1,1 %.

Support to quotations also was rendered by the weak macroeconomic statistics. So, before opening of the auctions the Ministry of Trade of the USA has published the report, according to which volume of building of new houses in the country in October 2008. Has decreased on 4,5 % in comparison with the last month - to 791 thousand units. It is the minimum indicator from the beginning of tracing of a rating (1959.) . Besides, department has informed that consumer prices in the country in October 2008. Have decreased on 1 % in comparison with the last month. Analysts expected that the given indicator will decrease for 0,7 %.

As a result on the beginning of trading session of Thursday, on November, 20th, the curve of profitableness of exchequer bonds of the USA looks as follows:  

On Thursday, on November, 20th, the data of an index of business activity FRB of Philadelphia, an index of advancing indicators, and also the week data about unemployment will be published. Market forecasts moderately negative though in current conditions any weakness of economy is perceived extremely painfully, mark in IK Veles the Capital .

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