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Technical cut: Open Society Uralkaly

From the technical point of view falling of actions of Open Society Uralkaly has accepted long character. Share cost peak have reached in June 2008., and from this point on papers have fallen in price in 14 times. Nevertheless to make acquisition of actions while early, even despite them pereprodannost to which value of indicator RSI and presence divergentsii (0) with indicator MACD testifies. Shares of company have not reached local a bottom . The mark about 12 rbl., corresponding 161,8 % to decrease from last wave of growth becomes the Most probable purpose for company papers. At this level it is necessary to wait consolidations of the prices and a rebound to a line of a descending trend (2). The further movement will depend on that, will be or not the line of a trend (2) upwards is punched.

Uralkaly - the Russian company, the manufacturer of potash fertilizers largest in Russia. The enterprise is in the city of Berezniki of the Perm edge. In the middle of October 2006. After failure flooding of the oldest mine of the enterprise - BKRU - 1 on which 27 % of extraction of salts were necessary has begun. After short discussion management of the company has made decision completely to flood mine. The plan on extraction on zataplivaemom mine on 2007. Has been established at a rate of 1,2 million tons; losses have been filled at the expense of more intensive extraction on the remained mines and the accelerated commissioning of new mine in Berezniki - BKRU - 5. On July, 28th 2007. In territory BKRU - 1 around technical salt factory there was an earth failure. The sizes of the funnel formed as a result of it have made 50 on 70, its depth - about 15 m. In the end 2006. Special commission Rostehnadzora has decided that technogenic failure has occurred for the reasons which are not dependent from Uralkalija . However recently (in October 2008.) At meeting at the vice-president of the government of the Russian Federation Igor Sechina the decision on creation of the new commission and renewal of investigation of the given case was accepted.

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