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Foreign stock exchanges intend to develop cooperation with Russian

On Thursday, on November, 20th, the group of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and the Tokyo stock exchange (group TSE) declared signing of the memorandum of mutual understanding (SPEECHES) for the purpose of cooperation strengthening. As informs a press - Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange service, according to the memorandum, the parties intend to develop mutually advantageous relations both in interests of both stock exchanges, and in interests of the Russian and Japanese investors as a whole that makes active mutual movement of capitals between two countries.

the parties will study possibility of creation of the markets of such financial products on the basis of recognised share indexes of two stock exchanges, as index funds. Within the limits of party teamwork can organise seminars, carry out programs on training and an exchange of experts.

the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchanges and TSE are assured that the memorandum of mutual understanding becomes a basis for the further fruitful cooperation of stock exchanges which will provide to investors optimum conditions for unobstructed investment in global economy.

operating director UFG Asset Management Yury Anpilogov positively estimates expansion of number of trading platforms on which the Russian securities could address. However, as he said, there is opened a question on how participants of agreements are going to support liquidity.

making comments on news about expansion of cooperation of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and TSE, an analyst Arbat the Capital Michael Zavaraev notices that hardly this or that stock exchange can have very serious problems with a financial position. Certainly, falling volumes of the auctions seriously beat under incomes of platforms, however in bolshej to a measure it is applicable to the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, than to TSE as at the developed stock exchanges during crisis times falling (profits) on trade in actions and bonds becomes covered at the expense of additional profits on trade derivativami - the analyst speaks. For example, incomes German Deutsche Boerse in III quarter 2008. Have grown on 8 % in comparison with the similar period of last year.

in spite of the fact that in sector of share platforms until recently there were active processes of merges and absorption, do not think that to the Tokyo stock exchange in the near future will be interesting to the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in force concerning low volumes of the auctions on last though in the long-term future it is not excluded that the Russian platforms can pass under a wing of larger stock exchanges - the expert has concluded.

as the president of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Konstantin Korishchenko, " has declared; Signing of the memorandum with TSE, the largest infrastructural organisation of Japan, marks itself the next step on a way of integration of Russia to world financial community . Increase of appeal of the Russian stock market for foreign and first of all Japanese investors will promote construction in Russia the international financial centre. It is assured that fruitful cooperation of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and TSE will give an additional impulse to development of mutually advantageous relations between Russia and Japan in financial sphere - he has noted.

the president and the general director of group TSE Atsusi Sajto has noticed that memorandum signing will give us fine possibility to establish more close connections with the Russian market; our cooperation will promote revival not only the Russian and Japanese markets, but also the financial markets all over the world .

Besides, the interest to the Russian market was declared also by the Cyprian stock exchange which is the operator Central depozitarija securities of Cyprus. On Wednesday it became known that VTB and the Cyprian stock exchange have signed the memorandum of cooperation within the limits of a meeting of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the president of Republic Cyprus Dimitrisom Hristofiasom. The memorandum provides creation of the joint commission on realisation of projects on securities markets of Russia and Cyprus, including on release depozitarnyh receipts.

now the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange group is the largest exchange structure in Russia, the CIS countries, Central and the Eastern Europe. Volume of the auctions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange for 9 months 2008. Has made nearby 4,1 trln dollars, and on an exchange turn of securities the stock exchange enters in the twenty leading share platforms of the world.

group the Tokyo stock exchange (Group TSE) is the holding company of the Tokyo stock exchange (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.), one of leading world stock exchanges and the largest securities market in Asian - Pacific region. TSE it is known for the share market, which as of the end of September 2008. It was estimated in 3,3 trln US dollar. The stock exchange also is the largest market of Japanese securities and derivative tools, such as Japanese state bonds (JGB) and futures TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index).

Bank VTB works in Russia with 1990. The main shareholder VTB from shares in 77,5 % is the government of the Russian Federation. During spent in May 2007. Primary public placing among the Russian and international investors 22,5 % of actions VTB have been placed. Bank Securities address on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, FB RTS and at the London stock exchange. The size of authorised capital stock VTB makes 67,2 mlrd rbl. Bank is present at 17 countries of the world.

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