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Forecasts of analysts: local a bottom it was almost generated

Decrease in the Russian market on Thursday, on November, 20th, has withdrawn technical indicators in a zone critical pereprodannosti that is unique chance for short-term restoration of the market. However the American indexes which have updated minimum levels over the last 5 years, seemingly, are not going to come back in a habitual range, and the western traders play on breakdown . Considering decrease in the American futures more than on 3 % and confident domination bears at opening of the auctions, it is impossible to exclude updatings of historical minima and on domestic indexes as veb will support hardly the Russian market since morning on Friday, on November, 21st.

the chief of department of the analysis of share market IB the WHALE of Finans Maria Kalvarsky is assured that after such considerable falling in the near future participants of the market can count on a rebound. Nevertheless this growth will not lead to formation of a positive trend, and will have in a greater degree technical character. while all negative factors remain: the low prices for oil, negative dynamics for foreign platforms, and also absence of confidence of stable development of the Russian economy. Therefore it is not excluded that in long-term prospect we will see lower price levels in the Russian share market - has concluded M.Kalvarsky.

the Chief of department of trading Glitnir Securities Ilya Matushkin has noticed that on many papers minima are not updated yet, and now a question in, whether can punch the market these values. Nevertheless, most likely, below October minima the market will not fall, the expert believes. To sell there is nobody, therefore at present for the Russian market not all is lost. Most likely, we will continue to fluctuate with big volatilnostju plus - a minus 15 - 20 %, but above 20 % we will not go. The visible reasons for this purpose while are not present - has explained I.Matushkin.

analyst IK Fajnenshl the Bridge Ekaterina Loshchakova expects that RTS index will fall to last trading session of week to the levels close to 500 punkam, that is new local a bottom in the Russian market.

analyst IK Brokerkreditservis Tatyana Bobrovsky believes that at current levels the Russian indexes remain till the end of the year. She considers that up to the end 2008. RTS index hardly will leave above a mark of 700 points. The expert also has declared that in short-term prospect does not wait for positive dynamics in oil and gas sector. A little more positively she looks at the gas companies, in particular Gazprom and NOVATEK. Actions of the Savings Bank and VTB in short-term prospect will move together with the market, however in the long-term plan of a paper are attractive at current levels. Besides, there is a global revaluation of metallurgical sector. But by means of the started program on optimisation of expenses, in particular GMK Norilsk nickel can endure these hard times successfully enough, the expert believes.

in intermediate term prospect the market of the Russian actions can continue decrease. Situation improvement is possible after in the USA the positive macroeconomic statistics will start to leave. While mainly negative character, and recession, under forecasts of experts have the data, can proceed in 2009., has underlined an analyst of the company Aton Xenia Anoshina.

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