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The auctions in Japan have come to the end with fall of index Nikkei

the Share auctions in Japan on November, 20th 2009„. Have come to the end with fall of index Nikkei. Following the results of a week Nikkei also has fallen that became the fourth week decrease successively. Negative influence on mood of investors was rendered by news from the USA where the auctions too were closed in a red zone. Besides, in the market doubts concerning fast restoration of world economy prevail.
in ď a minus ď session on Friday for the hi-tech companies, including the manufacturer of the equipment for testing of chips of memory Advantest Corp has come to the end., which actions have fallen in price on 2,9 %, and also second-large in the world of the manufacturer of semiconductors Tokyo Electron (- 3 %). As the reason of falling of quotations of the named companies rating fall on hi-tech sector analysts BanŮ of America - Merrill Lynch against fears that demand for production of these companies will be restored not so soon, predictably has served.
at the same time the occasion to pleasure has appeared at shareholders of chemical concern of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings. Company Stock quotes have flied up on 9,2 % in connection with forecast increase at their cost analysts UBS and Nomura Securities.
It was possible to strengthen the positions and to the Japanese banks which actions have essentially fallen in price during the previous trading sessions and became attractive to purchase. As a result of the quotation of the bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group largest in the country have raised on 1,1 %, and actions of its smaller competitors Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group and Mizuho Financial Group have risen in price for 3,5 % and 1,9 % accordingly.
Against the financial report which has surpassed expectations of analysts, have risen in price for 5,7 % of the action of insurance company T &D Holdings.
Following the results of the auctions on November, 20th index Nikkei has gone down on 51,79 points (- 0,54 %) and has made 9497,68 points. The dollar exchange rate in relation to yen by the end of trading session has fallen for 0,07 yens - to 88,89 yens/ dollars