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Forex: the dollar grows from - for profit fixings

On Thursday, on November, 19th, interest to brave operations at participants of the financial markets has run low. Closing of positions before the termination of each month became for a long time already traditional. Decrease in stock markets was as a result observed, and the dollar, on the contrary, has grown. Thus raised demand for dollar liquidity has led to falling of profitableness 2 - summer state bonds of the USA to an annual minimum. The macroeconomic statistics from the United States the day before remained not noticed. The quantity of references behind the unemployment benefit has not changed in comparison with last week.
it was already repeatedly noticed that prospects of preservation of the low interest rate in the USA compel investors to search bolshej for profits. The Asian markets became the most attractive to investments thus. Being afraid of formation new speculative bubbles Financial actives, regulators even more often do recently hints that dollar falling is time for stopping. A number of the countries even has taken measures on restriction of inflow of the capital. However representatives FRS of a consequence of reduction in price of the American currency do not disturb. In department consider that the big threat is represented by a deflation, especially taking into account falling of the prices for commercial real estate. Occurrence threat bubbles in Asia representatives of the American Central Bank do not take actives seriously.
in the Morning on Friday, on November, 20th, the auctions pass easy. As of 10:30 Moscow time the euro pair/ dollar was near to a mark 1,4909. The British pound cost about 1,6630 dollars of Steam dollar/ yen was quoted around level 88,88.
the Macroeconomic calendar for Friday is empty. According to analysts Barclays Capital to speak about traditional closing of positions on the eve of the termination of month, probably, and it is premature, but this phenomenon is capable to be shown earlier from - for the truncated next weeks in the USA. Benefitsiarom to profit fixing there is a dollar as negative correlation between dynamics of profitableness of state bonds and the prices for actions is a symptom of movement of liquidity - the main key driver of change of the prices for brave actives. We consider that after a wave of closing of positions brave currencies will renew growth, and dollar, accordingly, falling - experts have noted.
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