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Eurobonds: the prices have decreased within the limits of correction

Following dynamics of the global markets, the prices of the Russian sovereign eurobonds and the most liquid corporate papers have decreased on November, 19th within the limits of correction. According to analysts “ Alpha bank “ investors actively fixed profit against external negative factors. Besides it pressure upon the prices was rendered by that fact that before the quotation of the Russian papers have returned on local maxima that began a signal for some participants of the market to reduce the positions.

as a result Russian five years` CDS would grow on 10. The item also has risen to 190 - 195. The item the Price of sovereign eurobonds Russia - 30, having opened in the morning at level 114,25, has fallen in the afternoon to 113,375, however it was soon restored to 113,8125 - 114,00 % from face value. The spread between Russia - 30 and UST - 10 would extend to 191. Items, mark in IK “ the Three Dialogue “.

In a corporate segment investors also have preferred to fix profit. The basic quantity of transactions has passed in releases “ Gazprom “ and าอK - BP where decrease in quotations for a day has averaged 20 - 30. Items Obviously worse the market looked long releases Gazprom - 37 and TNK - 18, fallen in price for a day on 96. The item and 65. Items accordingly, mark in “ Uralsib Kepital “.

According to IK “ the Three Dialogue “ the prices of long-term releases for a curve “ Gazprom “ have fallen in the afternoon on 0,50 - 0,75 items of the item while shorter releases have decreased to a lesser degree - on 0,25 - 0,375 items of the item Long releases of the multinational corporation - VR also have lost in the price to 0,5 items of the item Short and intermediate term papers of the multinational corporation - VR, LUKOIL, “ Vympelcom “ “ Severstal “ and Evraz have decreased on 0,250 - 0,375 items of the item Quasisovereign ALROSA - 14 almost have not lost in the price: Decrease in the absence of transactions has made 1/ 16 items of the item

Analysts “ Uralsib Kepital “ do not exclude that at the auctions on November, 20th decrease in quotations of the Russian papers will proceed under the influence of external factors that creates quite good possibilities for increase in positions.

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