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The Russian market has overflowed optimism

On Wednesday, on May, 27th, the auctions in the Russian share market have opened gepom upwards, much improved external news background became the reason for that. The data which has left the day before about the market of real estate of the USA has appeared weak, however the published index of consumer confidence, which has grown in May to a mark 54,9 points (that became a maximum level since September 2008γ.) “ has inspired “ investors, and session on Tuesday the American stock exchanges have finished a good gain. However, futures for indexes of the USA on May, 27th since morning changed near to zero marks. After America on Wednesday the Asian share indicators have grown also. Industrial metals following the results of session have mainly risen in price on May, 26th. Oil continues to please investors - as of 11:30 Moscow time quotations of grade Brent were about a mark 61,6 dollars/ barr. Thus, almost all external factors on Wednesday were on the party “ bulls “.
As a result by 12:30 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 2,36 % and has made 1065,48 points, RTS index has added 3,7 % and there were on a mark 1026,86 points. Volumes of the auctions by specified time have made: on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 21,01 mlrd rbl., in RTS share market - 2,58 million dollars
Despite the impressing optimism reigning in first half of the auctions on Wednesday in the Russian share market, many experts do not exclude lateral motion during the day, and some experts even predict fixing of profit more close to the session termination. From the point of view of the head of department of broker operations of the company “ the Renaissance Online “ Denis Filippova, on May, 27th promises to be in the favorable afternoon and for outsiders of the auctions the day before as the external background which has developed by the morning has to wide growth of the market. However, the analyst does not exclude that all positive will be already won back at the very beginning of session (basically at the expense of morning gepov) and further in the market lateral motion begins to be observed. “ however if leaving on Wednesday behind ocean the data about sales of houses in the secondary market appears again better forecasts (18:00 Moscow time), in the evening the new wave of optimism can cover the domestic market. As the nearest resistance level of 1060 points on a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index now acts, probitie which will open “ to bulls “ road to area of the maximum marks of current year “ - the expert has concluded. It is necessary to remind that from - for the day off in the United States on Monday the data about stocks of oil and oil products in the country will be published one day later usual, on Thursday.
the prices for oil have grown on the threshold of the beginning of an automobile season that has rendered strong support to actions of the Russian oil and gas sector which while is in favourites of the market. So, “ Tatneft “ by 12:30 Moscow time has risen in price for 2,04 %, LUKOIL - on 1,88 %, “ Rosneft “ - on 1,58 %, “ Surgutneftegaz “ - on 1,45 %, “ Gazprom oil “ - on 1,24 %, exclusive papers “ Transneft “ - on 1,25 %, “ Gazprom “ - on 2,26 %, NOVATEK - on 6,66 %. Besides a rise in prices for energy carriers, papers NOVATEKa, most likely, has supported news about purchase by the company of 51 % of actions of Open Society “ Yamal SPG “ owning the licence for one of the deposits largest in the country - Southern - Tambejsky.
actions of the Russian banks on May, 27th look strong: ordinary papers of the Savings Bank by 12:30 Moscow time have grown on 4,22 %, exclusive - 3 %, VTB - on 1,87 %.
Rise in prices for industrial metals has favorably affected papers of the metallurgical companies. By 12:30 Moscow time “ Nornikel “ has added in cost of 3 %, “ Severstal “ - 3,88 %, NLMK - 1,73 %, MMK - 2,81 %. “ the Pole gold “ by specified time has risen in price for 0,01 %, “ Polymetal “ also continues to grow (+2,59 %) on expectations of increase in weight of the company in index MCSI.
Among papers of telecommunication sector dynamics worse the market shows “ Rostelecom “ Which by 12:30 Moscow time has decreased on 1 %. “ Uralsvyazinform “ by specified time has risen in price for 1,49 %, MTS - on 0,93 %.
After growth on the eve of the action “ RusGidro “ on Wednesday are corrected - by 12:30 Moscow time they have fallen in price on 0,55 %. FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY by specified time has added in cost of 0,42 %, MOESK - 3,58 %, “ Inter the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ “ - 5,1 %, “ Mosenergo “ - 1,27 %.
As analysts IB " mark; the WHALE of Finans “ on May, 27th positive external factors, of course, will support to the Russian actions, but thus the macroeconomic data across Russia yet does not allow to speak about the fast beginning of restoration of domestic economy with confidence. “ we rather are sceptical about idea of change of a long-term trend and the beginning of growth and we adhere to moderately pessimistic forecast for intermediate term prospect “ - experts have underlined. In opinion of an analyst of department of client operations of YOKES “ Oktan “ Maxim Chernegi, from the point of view of the technical analysis anything essential does not occur: the Russian indexes remain within the limits of an ascending intermediate term range, thus they are imposed more by its top border. Any attempts of the beginning of correction operatively are stopped “ bulls “ to which party the solid stock of monetary liquidity is concentrated. However it is quite probable that we are waited by serious correction of oil with the purposes on marks 55 and, probably, 47 - 48 dollars/ barr. That will lead “ prosedaniju “ and the Russian indexes too. Apparently, participants of the currency market are adjusted on renewal of devaluation of rouble, and it can cause a conclusion of capitals from stock market. Besides, it is not necessary to forget to reduce the portfolio of securities of domestic emitters about plans veba. Thus, current growth of the market quite can be replaced by correction, thus its depth while to predict difficult.