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Eurobonds: c it is concentrated in short papers

On Tuesday, on May, 26th, in the Russian market of eurobonds in a sovereign segment the most liquid release Russia - 30 was closed at level 99,75 - 100,5 % from face value (YTM 7,65 - 7,41). Against proceeding growth of profitableness of the American exchequer bonds the spread between Russia - 30 and UST - 10 would be narrowed to 390. Items, mark in Alpha bank .

According to analysts IK the Renaissance the Capital in a corporate segment of the price of the most liquid releases remained at former level, thus on the majority of them there were quotations on sale. So, quotations of release Gazprom - 19 were established at level 101,500 - 101,875. Expansion of spreads between quotations on purchase and sale occurred in all tools. In particular, spreads of tools of the multinational corporation - BP have increased on 3 - 5 items of the item the Unique tool which has shown growth of quotations, there was a Vympelcom 18 which have added 1 items of the item And risen to 83,00 - 86,00. However its spread also has extended on 1 items of the item

According to experts NOMOS - bank, in corporate eurobonds dynamics torov in many respects reminded movement of quotations sovereign papers: prevailing in first half of day the desire to fix a position then was replaced by careful interest to purchases. It has allowed to avoid serious price correction as the decreased quotations generally were restored. We will notice that in the centre of trading activity on Tuesday there were releases Gazprom .

Analysts Uralsib Kepital notice that demand has been concentrated on May, 26th mainly in short papers. In the first echelon purchases in bank releases, in particular in Bank of Moscow 09, VTB 09, VTB 11, and also in release Gazprom 09 were observed, however consumer activity was low. In the second echelon growth of quotations approximately on 80 would be noted. The item
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