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The monetary market: low demand for roubles presses on rates MBK

According to Russia published by Bank on Thursday, on May, 27th, to parametres of auction direct REPO, for operations for a period of one day the limit of given means is equal 10 mlrd rbl., the minimum interest rate - 5,25 % annual. The rate under credits overnight was on May, 26th at level of 2,88 % (- 6. The item), rate MosPrime under three-monthly credits - 4,35 % (- 3. The item). Rate Mibor under one-day credits for May, 27th is equal 3,31 % (- 4. The item).

On the beginning of operational day on Thursday the rests of means of the credit organisations on correspondent accounts in Bank of Russia across the Russian Federation (including the rests of means on ORTSB) were up to standard 475,5 mlrd rbl. (+20,5 mlrd rbl.), including means for corresponding accounts on the Moscow region - 317,1 mlrd rbl. (+18,5 mlrd rbl.). The rests of money resources of the credit organisations on depositary bank accounts of Russia for May, 27th made 650,3 mlrd rbl. (- 9,1 mlrd rbl.) . The positive balance of operations of Bank of Russia on maintenance of rouble liquidity is equal 122,8 mlrd rbl. (- 7,5 mlrd rbl.).

On Wednesday the situation with liquidity has a little improved (+11,7 mlrd rbl.). Against high level of rouble weight and low demand for national currency of the rate of the monetary market were corrected downwards. On Friday, on May, 28th, the companies pay the profit tax, and it is possible to expect that within Thursday banks will continue to accumulate means for corresponding accounts in the Central Bank.

on the beginning of operational day on May, 27th the debts of the credit organisations of the Russian Federation against the Central Bank under credits overnight have made 2 mlrd 732,1 million rbl. (+2 mlrd 664,5 million rbl.) at the extinguished debts under the intraday credits given on May, 26th in volume 140,73 mlrd rbl.; the debts under pawn credits were equal 10 mlrd 33,5 million rbl. (+55,4 million rbl.) ; Under the credits provided not market actives or guarantees, - 56 mlrd 27,5 million rbl. (- 19,8 million rbl.).

On the beginning of operational day on May, 27th the debts of the credit organisations against Bank of Russia on operations direct REPO on an auction basis have made 7 mlrd 774,7 4 million rbl. (+76,3 million rbl.), debts on operations direct REPO under the fixed rate were absent (- 135,3 million rbl.).

As experts " mark; Three Dialogue rates of the monetary market continued to decrease at low demand for roubles. One-day rates of the interbank market would decrease on 6. The item, to 2,88 %. Demand for resources of Bank of Russia also was reduced: within the limits of auction one-day REPO banks have involved only 2,9 mlrd rbl. under 5,3 %.

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