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The Russian market: the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index could rise above 1300 points

On Thursday, on May, 27th, the Russian market after short one and a half hour correction downwards could find forces to continue begun on the eve of rally therefore value of an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has exceeded level of resistance of 1300 points. China has denied messages that plans to reduce investments in the European state bonds (that would testify to mistrust growth to EU), therefore the negative which has forced the American indexes on Wednesday towards the end of the auctions to leave in considerable a minus the Russian platforms practically has not mentioned. The situation in the raw market supported positive moods of investors: probitie downwards quotations of oil of mark Brent of level of support 70 dollars/ barr. It has appeared very short - the prices confidently grow already throughout two and a half sessions therefore have come nearer to 74 dollars/ barr. Observing stay of falling of the prices on Oil investors prefer to come back gradually in papers as not all consider that current growth will be very short. However not only the external background set the fashion to the auctions - corporate news too were under steadfast attention of investors.

following the results of trading session on May, 27th the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 3,23 % - to 1305,99 points, RTS has added 4,09 % and has reached a point 1358,6 points. The volume of the auctions by actions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has made 79,92 mlrd rbl. Total amount of the auctions in RTS has reached 176 mlrd rbl., thus volume of the auctions by actions was up to standard 16,5 mlrd rbl. (from them on RTS Standard - 16 mlrd rbl.) .

Against a confident rise in prices for oil representatives of the Russian oil and gas branch looked very not bad. Appreciable increase of cost have finished put LUKOIL (+3,88 %), Rosneft (+2,44 %), Tatneft (+4,56 %), Transneft (+2,39 %) and were the day before in leaders of decrease Gazprom oil (+10,02 %). Thanks to increase by analysts Goldman Sachs Inc. Recommendations about actions Surgutneftegaz with to hold to to buy and look-ahead cost to 1,34 dollars of paper NK have managed to go up in price on 8,59 %. Could not continue lifting Gazprom that, basically, it is pardonable, as received on the eve of a gain will suffice for rest couple of days. Besides, a number of negative news to concern has been published: Moldovagaz has begun negotiations about increase since January, 1st 2011. The tariff for transit of the Russian gas for 60 %, and ING Bank has lowered the recommendation about actions Gazprom to to sell having reduced look-ahead cost to 3,95 dollars Pessimism of experts of bank it is connected with volume of gas production growing in the world from nonconventional sources that represents for Gazprom the risks which yet have been not considered in cost of its actions. By the end of the auctions they have lost in the price of 0,05 %.

in the Afternoon the rough increase in value reaching of 11,8 %, actions " showed; Uralkalija that has been connected with the official announcement of conducting by its owner Dmitry Rybolovlevym of consultations of sale of a controlling interest of the company in volume of 65,63 %. Capitalisation Uralkalija exceeds 6 mlrd dollars, for the political reasons be sold it can only to the Russian business, therefore only domestic billionaires can apply for an active. It is no wonder that quotations of the manufacturer of fertilizers were rolled away downwards when businessman Michael Prokhorov has informed on absence of interest to the company, and Nornikel association Uralkalija with which it was considered earlier, - about absence of similar intentions. As a result a capitalisation gain Uralkalija following the results of day has made 6 %. Silvinit and Akron have lagged behind nenamnogo, having added in the price of 2,88 % and 3,4 % accordingly.

the most impressive growth among the most liquid papers has shown the Pole gold . On the eve of a share of company have passed a celebration bulls also have fallen to 3 %, but on May, 27th justice has triumphed - launch of quotations of the gold miner has made 11,83 %. One jerk to the Pole it was possible to reach levels of the middle of April, that is at the same time to win back and all losses had during descending correction. Very not bad looked on Thursday and Norilsk nickel 4,67 % which have added in the price. The company Board of directors recommended to shareholders to make the decision on payment of dividends for 2009. At a rate of 210 rbl. on the action. Manufacturers of coal have negatively finished day. The outsider in a segment became strongly risen in price the day before Raspadsky (- 7,22 %). Besides other, investors are afraid of cancellation of the import duty on coked coal at a rate of 5 % and duty introductions for its export at a rate of 10 % that urged not to admit a rise in prices in home market. Chapter the MAYOR Elvira Nabiullina has informed that the ministry does not leave yet with such offer, but it became cold comfort - Belon and a Mechel have finished session on Thursday falling on 0,1 % and 2,12 % accordingly.

the Proceeded purchases of the Russian actions testify to gravity of intentions bulls Which, using an external background, try to lift quotations as it is possible above that, possibly, it is connected with desire to get rid before summer holidays from actives at levels more attractive to it. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index on Thursday has rested against strong level of resistance - 200 - day sliding average, and probitie it on Friday will allow to tell about the high-grade rebound, capable to deduce value of the share indicator to a mark of 1370 points.

analysts make following recommendations about actions of the leading Russian companies:

Bank VTB: to hold
Gazprom: to buy
LUKOIL: to accumulate
MTS: to buy
Norilsk nickel: to accumulate
NK Rosneft: to accumulate
the Savings Bank of Russia: to buy
Surgutneftegaz: to hold

Recommendations are made on the basis of annual a consensus - forecasts targetov the investment companies presented in a product Forecasts of the prices of actions .
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