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Forecasts of analysts: the Market still will try to grow up

On Thursday, on May, 27th, in the Russian market the second session the growth caused by rather favorable external background was successively observed. Investors the desire to risk, even despite even recent confidence that world financial problems become aggravated has again seized. However analysts nevertheless believe that now in the market speculators so, volatilnost on - former will be the basic characteristic of the auctions dominate.

as the chief of trading department " has noted; Paradise, Man end Mountains sekjuritiz Pavel Dorodnikov, the Russian share market has made a start from local minima, however it is impossible to name these marks the second a bottom . Among ideas which were in the Russian market last days, he marks good purchases in actions which have been included in calculation of index Morgan Stanley or which weight in index MSCI Russia has been increased. It concerns papers Raspadsky OGK - 4 and the Magnet . In these actions good volumes on purchase were observed, and quotations of papers have grown. In separate actions, for example in papers Gazprom and the Savings Bank, we saw closing of short positions that was especially appreciable on Wednesday. On the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and on LSE volumes of transactions with the Russian papers remain high enough. now investors watch closely a news background. As a whole interest to papers podpityvaetsja basically speculative demand, and for fundamental indicators of the companies very few people pays attention - the expert has noted.

as trader FK " has informed; Uralsib Valentine Egors, a rebound which was observed on Wednesday and Thursday, is more connected with local pereprodannostju the market. the stock market has lost about 7 %, and players who have been compelled to sell papers at those prices, now back redeem these positions. Besides, the role in current growth could play and closing of short positions. Flowing volatilnost can testify that the situation is still far from the permission - the expert speaks.

in its opinion, in the nearest couple of days in the share market will remain volatilnost, similar to that which was observed some last sessions. Thus the expert does not exclude that the Russian share indexes will fall on lower levels.

the deputy chief of department of trust management the Absolute of bank Ivan Fomenko believes that the refutation of the message that China intends to change the currency strategy became one of the main things what are won back by the domestic market. In particular, the Peoples Republic of China will not reduce an euro share in the gold and exchange currency reserves. For China the eurozone remains to one of the main economic partners. The belief in stability of economy of EU from Heavenly Empire has influenced the relation of investors to the European currency. On trading platforms of region growth too was observed.

at the Russian stock exchanges of mood of investors on Thursday were positive, the expert marks. Growth of actions was supported by the high prices for oil and positive dynamics of quotations of futures for the American share indexes. Demand was observed on a wide spectrum of securities. However, in second half of day rates of increase have decreased.

in the meantime pressure upon the Russian share indexes was rendered by the American statistics which participants of the market have estimated as negative, the analyst specifies. First of all the mood to investors was spoilt by the data about gross national product of the USA for I quarter. Participants of the market counted that reconsidered gross national product will increase by 3,4 % in summary value has appeared at level only 3 %. Have not pleased players and the data characterising a situation on a labour market of the USA. The quantity of primary references behind the unemployment benefit has reached 460 thousand, having exceeded market expectations. In the near future, according to the expert, dynamics of the Russian share indexes remains unstable, thus growth will prevail.

operating actives UK Maksvell Esset Management George Eltsov believes that after achievement by the market of level of 1200 points on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange it was necessary to take shares. Within two next months, in its opinion, it is possible to expect growth in the domestic market, and share indexes can add on 15 - 20 %. Thus the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange it is capable to rise to level of 1400 points, the expert believes.

as to immediate prospects of domestic stock exchanges, during two - three days the market should be consolidated at the reached levels to confirm growth. We expect a rebound of quotations of oil. Now it is necessary to take liquid shares, including papers Gazprom And the oil companies - the expert has concluded.
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