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In sector ADR active purchases

At the auctions on London Stock Exchange on Thursday, on May, 27th have proceeded, in sector Russian ADR active purchases against a positive situation on the European and Russian share platforms proceeded, thus volumes of the auctions remained high. Improvement of moods of investors was promoted by lifting of oil futures, and also rise in prices for the basic industrial metals. Besides, price levels of the majority of papers after several days of decrease were very attractive to purchases. As a result index FTSE Russia IOB which pays off on the basis of quotations depozitarnyh receipts of 15 Russian companies largest on full market capitalisation addressing at the London stock exchange, has risen on 5,36 % - to 796,03 points.
receipts Gazprom looked weaker than the market and have risen in price all for 2,84 %. Analysts ING have lowered target price ADR Gazprom at once on 33 % - to level 15,8 dollars The recommendation about concern receipts has been lowered to level to sell . Besides, on the eve of a paper Gazprom have essentially risen in price, having flied up at once on 10,96 %, and on Thursday were corrected after strong growth.
ADR oil Gazprom have added in the price of 5,19 %. The international rating agency Standard and Poor`s (S &P) has confirmed a credit rating of Open Society Gazprom oil at level VVV - after the company has increased share holding Sibir Energy belonging to it from 54,71 % to 80,37 %. The rating on a national scale is confirmed at level ruAA +. The forecast on ratings on - former negative . We believe that active acquisition remains comprehensible to the given level of ratings, - analyst Standard and Poor`s Elena Anankina marks. - In our understanding transaction all-round price makes 742 million dollars, of them 215 million dollars Will be zachteno on account of a debt of shareholders Sibir Energy, before got Gazprom oil and about 100 million dollars - on account of a debt of shareholders Sibir Energy before most Sibir Energy. Besides, we believe that the company intends to sell about 5 % of actions to the government of Moscow - by our calculations, the price should make approximately 165 million dollars Therefore pure influence of the transaction on Gazprom oil it is possible to consider as comprehensible .
Papers GMK Norilsk nickel have risen on 6,03 %. Board of directors GMK recommended to pay dividends for 2009. At a rate of 210 rbl. for one ordinary action. This size has appeared more than analysts assumed. In total on payment of dividends 50 % from net profit will be directed, or 1 mlrd Besides, the general director of the company Vladimir Strzhalkovsky has informed 325 million dollars that Norilsk nickel till the end of June 2010. Will extinguish the debts against banks at a rate of 1 mlrd 830 million dollars
Receipts VTB have grown up on 6,76 %. The bank expects to increase capitalisation and by the end 2013. To finish cost of one action to 15 copeck About it has informed the vice-president of board of bank Herbert Moos. Now actions VTB bargain at level 7 copeck for the action. The group counts by the end 2013. To increase net profit to 120 mlrd rbl. with predicted 50 mlrd rbl. in 2010. VTB plans to direct within the next three years on dividends more than 10 % of net profit. Besides, the company intends to increase actives by the end 2013. In 1,5 - 1,8 times. Growth of actives will be provided with advancing increase in a credit portfolio. According to bank strategy, within the next three years it is supposed to lower concentration of a credit portfolio and gradually to increase a share of a retail segment and other highly remunerative directions. Strategy also assumes improvement of structure of formation of expenses: the indicator of the relation of expenses to incomes should make on the end 2013. No more than 40 %.
Receipts X5 Retail Group N V. have risen on 0,31 %. The company predicts gain growth under the international standards of the financial reporting (MSFO) following the results of 2010. In comparison with 2009. At level above 20 %. Net profit X5 on MSFO for I quarter 2010. Has made 78,9 million dollars against a loss at a rate of 82,1 million dollars year before. Gain X5 during the accounting period has made 2 mlrd 542,7 million dollars, having increased by 36 % in comparison with the data for I quarter 2009. In rouble expression the company gain has exceeded 76 mlrd rbl. that on 20 % more than year before. The total profit has raised on 30 % - to 594,1 million dollars As have noted in the company, minus expenses on optsionnuju the program this indicator in I quarter 2010. Has made 8 %. In X5 also have informed that the company has directed a part of free money resources on debt reduction on 133 million dollars
Papers Evraz group have risen in price for 5,38 %. The company has ahead of schedule extinguished the credit of Foreign trade and investment bank at a rate of 1 mlrd 7 million dollars the Credit is paid from means of the demand line of credit of Gazprombank at a rate of 950 million the dollars which term of repayment comes in May 2015. The transaction is carried out within the limits of measures on refinancing of a debt of the company for the purpose of change of its structure by reduction of short-term debts and its transfer in long-term obligations. The credit should be paid by five tranches on 201,3 million dollars everyone since May 2010.
the Russian manufacturer of fertilizers of Open Society Uralkaly officially declared that its owner Dmitry Rybolovlev conducts consultations about sale of a controlling interest of the company. As have informed in Uralkalii Madura Holding Limited, through which D.Rybolovlev 65,63 % of actions " own; Uralkalija conducts exploratory talk about possible sale of a share holding of the company with several potential buyers. as far as it is known Uralkaliju negotiations are at an early stage and there are no guarantees that the agreement will be concluded. Conditions and the transaction scheme at the given stage also are not defined - it is marked in the company message. Receipts Uralkalija on May, 27th have added in cost of 7,87 %.
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