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Leaders of the market: FSK has pleased players with reduction of costs

In first half of trading session of Friday, on May, 27th, against prevailing positive dynamics of the Russian market ordinary actions of Open Society " became one of leaders; FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY . In outsiders ordinary actions of Open Society " in the meantime stayed; Volga TGK .

Actions FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY in the beginning of the auctions have flied up on 5,69 %. By 13:30 Moscow time their growth was a little slowed down and has made 5,06 %. Open Society board FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY has considered results of work on management of costs at the organisation of performance of the plan of maintenance service and repair (TOiR) in 2011. Also recognised as their satisfactory. As has informed FSK on Friday, in 2011. In the company the full complex of actions for optimisation of expenses for works on TOiR has been realised, and the total effect from their realisation has made 9 %, or 1,2 mlrd rbl. In FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY have specified that revision of budget cost of works and individual quotations, wide use of open competitive procedures, the conclusion of the centralised contracts on equipment service became major factors of decrease in costs creation of uniform methodology on budget rationing and pricing. In the message it is noticed that the politicians of management liberated as a result of realisation have been directed by means costs on actions for increase of reliability of the Uniform national (all-Russian) electric network (ENES) to Russia.

we will remind that the program of reduction of costs operates in FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY from the beginning 2010. The total effect from reduction of costs in the company in past has made to year 2,6 mlrd rbl., total power saving up effect of the spent actions - 291,64 million in Kw - ch. Further work on reduction of expenses in FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY will be continued. A key problem of the program - decrease in operational costs of the company to 2014. On 10 %. In particular, it is expected that effect from realisation of actions for reduction of expenses on TOiR already in 2012. Will make 5 % from the confirmed plan of works.

falling of stock value FSK the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY proceeding from the end of January 2011., has interrupted at the level of support (2) passing now through a mark of 31,5 copeck Steady this level it is impossible to name, therefore it is necessary to be ready to continuation of slipping of papers downwards at least to a round mark 30 copeck (1). The Same who considers the reached levels unfairly low and it is ready to bear if something happens some to a procorf fine possibility to increase long positions with a sight on a powerful rebound to a mark 40 copeck where takes place level of correction of Fibonachchi of 61,8 % (3) opens. The potential of growth of quotations makes more than 20 %.

Actions Volga TGK in the beginning of the auctions on Friday have fallen in price on 5,67 %. By 13:30 Moscow time they have fallen already to 7,41 %. On May, 27th papers genkompanii are corrected after growth the day before. Earlier it was informed that Joint-Stock Company Complex power systems ( KES - Holding ) plans to consolidate the generating and marketing actives on the basis of Open Society TGK - 9 . It is supposed that within the limits of consolidation shareholders of the generating companies of holding (Open Society TGK - 5 Open Society TGK - 6 and Open Society Volga TGK ) Can exchange the securities for additional actions TGK - 9.

Quotations Volga TGK since March of current year change in a dispersing range (1 - 2), and dynamics of last days quite corresponds obshcherynochnomu to a spirit - a rebound upwards for removal pereprodannosti then again to update minima 2011. However, this time all can end is not so pessimistic, as technical indicators give a signal on purchase, and company quotations are close to confidently to escape from the specified range in process of disappearance of the sellers fixing profit after rapid growth the day before. If to bulls all - taki will be possible to break definitively a tendency, it is necessary to expect increase of a stock value Volga TGK to 2,5 rbl. (3) - there pass maxima of the second half of the year 2011., will update which it is problematic.

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