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European bulls have supported Russian

the Share auctions in Europe on May, 27th have opened increase of leading indexes. Analysts notice that growth of exchange indicators at opening of the auctions - is faster effect of a technical rebound, than the fundamental growth of the market caused by business factors. The positive was brought by raw stock exchanges: the prices for oil in the beginning of day raised, the prices for industrial metals also grew.

in this connection at opening of the European auctions prompt growth of quotations of the mining companies which left in leaders of increase was observed: actions britano - Australian Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton have risen in price for 1,89 % and 1,06 % accordingly, papers Anglo American - 1,39 %, Swiss Xstrata - 1,72 %.

the Similar tendency was observed and among the oil and gas companies of Europe though in this sector growth of quotations was considerable: Actions British BP have raised on 0,31 %, britano - Dutch Royal Dutch Shell - on 0,54 %, French Total - on 1,11 %.

Grew at opening of the auctions and quotations of bank sector. Papers of British credit organisations Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays have risen in price for 2,44 % and 1,86 % accordingly, Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC - on 2,08 % and 1,06 %. The price of actions of German Deutsche Bank AG has grown on 0,78 %.

As analysts, despite growth of quotations in overwhelming number of sectors mark, the macroeconomic data inspires more likely pessimism. The day before the American departments have published disappointing indicators of gross national product and the data about number of primary references behind the unemployment benefit. This data was negatively reflected in mood of traders and has much surprised economists who expected more favorable conditions on the American labour market.

As of 12:30 Moscow time the British index FTSE 100 has raised on 0,85 % - to 5930,87 points, German DAX - on 0,33 % - to 7137,71 points, French CAC 40 - on 0,88 % - to 3951,86 points, Swiss SMI - on 0,33 % and has made 6490,59 points.

an index of economic moods in an euro zone in May 2011. In comparison with the last month has decreased on 0,6 points - to 105,5 points. The news service has informed on it referring to the Eurocommission report. Analysts predicted that value of an indicator will make 105,7 points. Value of an index for April 2011. It has been reconsidered on 0,1 points downwards - to 106,1 points. In 27 European Union countries the index of economic moods has raised on 0,3 points - to 105,4 points. Among the largest European Union countries improvement of economic moods was observed in such countries, as Great Britain (+2,6 points) and Poland (+0,6 points), and deterioration - in the Netherlands (- 4,6 points), Germany (- 0,1 points), France (- 1,9 points) and Italy (- 2,7 points).

the Auctions Russian ADR on LSE have begun sharp growth of quotations. Further lifting was slowed down and accompanied by rebounds downwards. As a result to the middle of the auctions (after three hours after their beginning) index FTSE Russia IOB tracing change of the prices Russian depozitarnyh of the receipts, has risen to a local maximum from the beginning of session of Friday (1040 points). ADR the Russian companies by this time bargained mainly in green to a zone.

by 14:00 Moscow time following papers showed the greatest growth:

the Greatest decrease was shown by following papers:

Despite the positive beginning of the auctions in Europe of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has shown small decrease, following for FTSE Russia IOB. Then the indicator of the Russian market has returned to growth and to the middle of day not only has won back losses, but also has reached maximum from the beginning of session of a point, and then has a little decreased.

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