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Forex: Ireland has stopped euro growth

euro Rally upwards starts to come to an end. Occurrence of new problems in Ireland became the reason of a stop of aggressive buying up of currency on Monday, on September, 27th. Current week the countries declares the final price of the repayment English - the Irish bank and will try to dispel fears of investors of that the country should ask the help from EU. Though by the current moment the state estimates the size of expenses for rescue of bank at a rate of 22 mlrd euro, rating agency Standard and Poor`s considers that payments can reach 35 mlrd euro that 20 % of annual gross national product of the country are equivalent.

usually at such news of euro loses at once some figures, but not this time. The matter is that current week 28 - on September, 30th the European banks should refinansirovat the most part of the debt before ETSB which in aggregate reaches 530 mlrd euro, and on this background Europeans buy up the currency.

Thus over the weekend the euro will remain about current levels, (1,345 doll/ euro at 9:00 Moscow time), however already on Friday, on October, 1st, has probably begun new flight in dollar or yen. In the first currency to expect mass inflow it is not necessary. As FRS methodically weakens the American carrying out periodically verbal interventions about quantitative softening. However and the yen in the present state of affairs looks not the best choice as interventions of the Japanese Central Bank already have passed from the category of the verbal real in the category. That - that will begin on Friday.

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