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Treasuries: the overflow of means in bezriskovye actives has amplified

At the auctions on Monday, on September, 27th, the overflow of means in bezriskovye actives has renewed. In absence of macroeconomic statistics and with returning of fears concerning a deflation of news from FRS about plans of purchase of state papers was enough that new trading week has begun with the next mass purchases Treasuries, consider in Veles the Capital .

There was an information that FRS, probably, will change strategy of acquisition of bonds to more flexible, but less scale. It is supposed that the program will be unlimited on time and begins to consider rates of revival of economy.

Besides, support to quotations was rendered by strong results of auction on placing UST - 2 in volume 36 mlrd dollars Demand at auction has exceeded the offer in 3,78 times that is close to record values of an indicator. The quantity of indirect transactions which number includes the foreign Central Banks, has made 39 % of release.

as a result on the beginning of trading session of Tuesday, on September, 28th, the curve of profitableness of exchequer bonds of the USA looks as follows:

Experts of Gazprombank believe that dynamics of Monday is not the beginning of a new wave of flight from risk. More likely, it only correction to Friday growth of share indexes which quite can renew within the next few days. Nevertheless, market reaction shows that in the world more many decaying problems, and nobody knows, which of them and when will lead to explosion next time.

on Tuesday, on September, 28th, investors will be guided by the next portion of the statistical data. Value of an index of consumer confidence for September will be published. It is expected that after growth to 53,5 points in August the index will decrease to 52 points. As fears concerning national economy prospects are still strong, and plans FRS on the further purchase of exchequer papers only urge on demand for them, it is possible to expect continuation of purchases bezriskovyh actives.

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