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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation: monetary weight 2 for August has increased by 1,9 %

Monetary weight 2 (national definition) as of September, 1st 2010. Has made 17 trln 663,8 mlrd rbl., having increased for August by 1,9 %, it is told in materials of Bank of Russia. In comparison with an indicator for January, 1st 2010. The monetary weight on unit M2 has grown on 12,5 % - with 15 trln 697,7 mlrd rbl.

Volume of cash (unit M0) in August of this year has increased by 0,2 % - to 4 trln 477 mlrd rbl. for September, 1st 2010., from the beginning of year - on 10,9 % - with 4 trln 38,1 mlrd rbl. the Volume of non-cash means for a month has grown on 2,5 % - to 13 trln 185 mlrd rbl., from the beginning of year - on 13,1 %, with 11 trln 659,7 mlrd rbl.

Earlier the head of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev informed that monetary weight 2 for September, 1st 2010. In annual calculation has grown on 33 %. the Monetary weight grows quickly enough. Monetary unit M2 for last 12 months, that is since September, 1st 2009. On September, 1st 2010. Has grown almost on 33 %. It is much less, than in some precritical years when rates of increase of monetary weight exceeded 40 %, but it more than we predicted in the end 2009. - the head of the Central Bank has told.

monetary unit M2 represents volume of cash in circulation (out of banks) and the rests of means in national currency on accounts of not financial organisations, financial (except credit) the organisations and the physical persons who are residents.